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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making myself the most important person

I was reading Bitch Cake's blog (http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com) and some of her previous posts. On post in particular made reference to making yourself the most important person. It got me thinking, if I can't make myself No 1 who will? I need to do whatever I can to achieve this, I think doing what is right for me and not everyone else is a start. This week if making my life a bit easier by missing the gym a few nights in the next week -the world will not fall apart, at the moment having home organised is much more important, the reason for this is that if I don't do this my insomnia is worse than ever, my mind never switches off. The joys of being Virgo and last night I am sending off emails at 4am - still trying to get some quality sleep. Therefore, today I am exhausted. The food this week has been okay, if anything probably not having the 5 food groups enough but persevering till the kitchen goes in next Friday and my life becomes normal again. WI tomorrow, so see how we go. The joys of being on Weight Watchers is that I can cook for Dad and myself next week and still track what I eat and point it, ideal for someone that is trying to keep this journey a little secretive, just for the moment. Once the new kitchen arrives and is installed I plan to have a few dinner parties, so trying to search through various blogs, websites and my WW cookbooks for some good recipes. Dessert is another thing and No I wont due a fruit platter, make a mousse with evaporated milk or use Pavlova Shells. These are just too ordinary for this girl. At present to top off my busy life, work, gym, home, new kitchen etc I am now organising Mum's 70th, so will be spending lunch times ringing interstate and trying to work out venues etc. I love a bit of pressure, at least I have the outfit I want to wear as I got it on sale at Christmas and is my favourite brand TS. Vince the wonderdog is going to the boarding kennell next Thursday, my normal one is no longer doing boarding - it is a vet's surgery and they walk the dogs twice daily, so trying a new vet. I am reminding myself that Vince the wonderdog is a dog, he is not a child but a dog and Mummy can deal with this, it is easier whilst the kitchen is being installed and the insulation put in. He will be stressed and so will I. Note to self - "Martine, he is a dog". Must get back and do some work, will report in tomorrow after WI. Martine xx


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I like a little pressure from business too. Have fun with it.

Tania said...

Oh has the vet we were talking about stopped doing boarding? I was going to use them when we went to the gold coast in July! You're definitely on the right track about making yourself the most important person - well done.