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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another 600 grams down - Bravo for consistency !!

Well today is weigh in day. As my home scales are not used, I try to base how I am going by the following;
  1. My food intake (via tracker)
  2. My water intake
  3. My exercise intake
  4. The amount of sugar foods/processed foods I eat
  5. The rolls on my stomach (better than any tape measure)

Due to the fact that so much is happening in my life, not just with me but my parents and the new kitchen going in this week saw not as much exercise and probably a few days where I didn't eat enough or there was too long a time frame between eating. Normally I get on the scales and have no idea. Today another 600 grams went down. This year has seen huge changes in my weight loss journey. The firm hand of my leader at Christmas was a turning point, after spending 4 months mourning the loss of my other leader Don (who resigned) I struggled and used this as an excuse, Di who I know from one of my previous WW journeys was firm and strong. Basically she told me to focus.

This year has seen consistent losses, except the TTOM gain of 2.2 which I still don't understand One of my goals this year was consistent losses, they mentally give me confidence. I think the gym has been absolutely vital to the losses this year. I now realise that the walking wasnt enough, I have heard this before but now I am at the gym and working hard I realise I never sweated whilst walking. I go to the gym for the stress relief, it is a bonus it actually aids in weight loss.

Next WI sees TTOM due again, the plan this month is that for this next week to eat whole foods, try not to have any processed food - even Ham and drink lots of water. It may take a few months to work out how I can get through this time of the month without a gain. I am determined next week to have a 100gram loss and then I can officially get my Lorna Jane gym bag.

I go to WW at the Myer Centre (their lifestyle centres) as I have said numerous times before it allows me to talk about my issues, this week it was about TTOM and how I can now see the gym is helping. We also talked about how for me (I am fairly social) the gym is a friendly place where I know people and can say hello. Doing the bodyjam class (still am in shock I have done them) has allowed me not to be so scared of other classes. I want to try RPM as apparently it is great for burning those calories and I don't need to be co-ordinated. I still plan to do Bodyjam classes.

In March the gym is re-organising a new classes timetable, my friend and I are going to try and co-ordinate a class together - now that I am the brave one and not so terrified (well only a bit).

Today at my WI we also talked about how some weeks (like last and next) that time is not always available to go to the gym. My leader Di and fellow leader Lachlan (that is another story in itself) told me not to beat myself up if I can't get there, sometimes this happens and just to try and concentrate on the incidental exercise.

WW have a new pedometer, it is a motion pedometer and apparently is fabulous. It does the following:-.

recording accuracy - steps recorded during any exercise are more acurate. 3 intensity levels mode. Quite step detection - the digital technology discreetly tracks your steps taken. Step filter - the pedometer will only count steps after 5 continuous steps are taken. Motivational software - the pedometer counts down the steps and time required until you reach your next POINTS® bonus

So the plan is this week that even if I don't get to the gym that I try and focus on the incidental exercise. Once the Lorna Jane Bag challenge (hopefully next week) is achieved then I will focus on setting myself 10,000 steps at least 3 times a week to start off with.

Well, so overall I am pleased that the losses are consistent, it gives you confidence that what you are doing is right. The gym has allowed me not to concentrate on Weight Watchers or my food so intently and the fact I concentrate on the gym gives my life a better balance.

Lachlan the other leader told me today he lost 35kgs, he is a young spunk and pretty knowledgeable about fitness, so he will see me in 3 weeks time for my Weigh in when Di goes on leave. Anyway darling people, must go and get some sleep, Vince the wonderdog needs to be at the grooming salon at 8am.

Martine xx


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Vince the wonderdog ... I love it!

Sounds like you have a wonderful network of support and you are making your goals.

The Lorna Jane gym bag is getting closer!

Fiona said...

I might have to try the new pedometer!

Chris H said...

Well done Martine, you rock. Have a great weekend.

Trish said...

Well done Martine

Keep the movement going