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Monday, February 22, 2010

Where did that weekend go

Well the weekend has been and gone. Eating was difficult, the kitchen is in various stages of demolition and dust everywhere. Had a pasty on Saturday for lunch and it was bloody bliss, I have never enjoyed something so much. Yesterday I had Master A's 10th birthday so this Aunty headed up to Mt Osmond for Pizza and birthday cake, I at least turned down wine. The plan this week is to drink lots of water, try and be as organised as I can with food and not stress out. My beautiful father is painting and removing tiles so it has been nice to have one on one with him, Mum missing him so there has been numerous telephone calls to home. Dad this morning was talking to Vince the wonderdog, and said to him "Vince, come outside with Pop" - I don't have kids so he treated him like a kind of grand-dog. So the count down is on till Friday when the kitchen goes in, everything will need to be washed thorough and put back into the cupboards on Friday night. Then hopefully do a spring clean and then get back to my normal routine. Not much else to report, eating wasn't great on the weekend and I need to be really focused this week so that I don't gain considering TTOM is due soon. Be good girls and boys and speak later on. Martinexxx


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Happy Constructioning! I really do hope it goes well. Thanks for your kind wishes. My weekend has just melted away. I'm not doing well on my dinner pledge. *_*

Julie V. said...

I know this sounds bad, but I know in the back of my mind that weekends are going to be full of temptations and situations where it is hard to eat responsibly. This weekend, that scenario was a baby shower. Next weekend it will be my neice's birthday party, followed by a family get-together. That's why I always make the week (Mon thru Fri) count and I weigh in on Friday mornings. I LOVE those allowance points on the weekends, they come to save the day! I try not to use them during the week. Don't worry, friend, you'll rebound from this!

(I hate TOM, he's visiting me right now).