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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week has been tough !

What a week, I can't wait for 5pm Friday. As you are aware Dad is down painting and removing my old kitchen. The house is a war zone and covered in drop cloths, dust and contents of cupboards everywhere. There has been some delays in the painting so the kitchen/dining and hallway are getting done and the other rooms on an adhoc basis when Dad comes down from Broken Hill. Next trip 24/4/10 where he will do the lounge room. I am impatient to get the entire house done and so can't be despondent that it won't all be achieved. We have eaten out most of the week as I have no kitchen and Dad eats differently to me. Last night was fasta pasta and I didnt make a good choice and with TOM due soon (my emotions are everywhere at present) I am not sure if I am going to secure a loss this week or not. So Tuesday back into the groove of things as Dad is staying till then and I can get back to the gym and my food program. One thing I have noticed is that because I have missed attending the gym this week and part of last week I don't feel as in control emotionally. I had been reading another blog of a successful slimmer that has lost 45 kilos out of the 90 that she has to lose, she was saying she wants to go 5-6 times a week as it just helps her keep on track and not over analyse things. Mothers - I adore mine but sometimes she is tactless. I am undergoing tests for a lung condition I have and had an ECG yesterday and a lung function test on Monday with my specialist appointment on Monday at 4.30pm where I get the results of the huge amount of tests I have and how we proceed in treating the problem. Dad is staying down for that appointment and as I was discussing this with mum she says "the doctor may say something about your weight". Honest to god, I was furious. Everything in my life that goes wrong this women puts down to my weight. Of course we all know we are overweight but as a size 18-20 women I take great great pride in my appearance and am always dressed well and with what is in fashion together with classic pieces, my hair is always styled and my nails and makeup always done plus there is a lot more to me than a body. We are more than bodies. I am trying to reinforce this to my niece as well. I know I am overweight, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out but my friends don't see me as overweight- just Martine. Anyway, no bloody idea how I am going tomorrow, I always gain but we will have to wait and see. Overall I will be just so delighted to have a new kitchen newly painted by the best man in the world (other than the wonderdog Vince) my Dad Dennis and next week back into my routine again, what bliss. Oh by the way I need to say this. God was a man - why is it that us women suffer from PMS and periods, if a male went through this you would never hear the end of it.


Chris H said...

Weight and families!
The first thing most of mine say when they see me is 'what do you weigh now?". It drives me nuts.
We are more than a number on the scales eh?
Why are Mother's the worst at this???

Anonymous said...
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JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I'm sorry it's been so rough.

I have such a hard time being consistent around my family. I worry about what they think about me too much. I worry that Hubbend won't care for the kids, and family will have to care for them. Or old favorites will tempt me astray to the tune of ten pounds.

I know what you mean about TOM. It's really not fair.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Tania said...

Firstly - women have PMS because only WE can handle it - I truly believe that!

Secondly - you know my thoughts on your mum, we've discussed it for years! I think you need to put her in her place, I think she says so many things that have such a profound effect on you but as your mum she has no idea how deep her comments cut - she NEEDS to know! HUGS mate, I know how much it would have hurt to hear that.

Hope that all goes well with the final renovations, I'll have to pop in for a visit after work on your next RDO would love to see it!

Trish said...

Mothers can be very tactless but they do mean well.

As Chris says we are more than numbers we are "us", females, daughters, workers, exercise bunnies (deep down you know you are!! - the way you are so enjoying it)

Keep your head high Martine and try to forgive her lack of tack - this is your mum's issue not yours