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Monday, April 27, 2009

I am fairly pleased

Hi everyone. The weekend was so so but I am pleased to say my food intake was a lot better than it has been and when I weighed in this morning the scales had dropped which is good. I have also been staying in the office most days having my lunch and find I am not tempted so much and can concentrate on the food and I am more satisfied. I am heading out to Big W to find a waterproof jacket for my morning walks, Libby walks rain, hail or snow but I don't have a jacket so will invest in one. Anyway, the exercise needs to be increased as far as my intensity and I am hoping that exercise becomes my friend - at present I doubt. I have also, in conjunction with my online tracker, printed off and organised my food for the week and there should be no thinking just doing. I also may during lunch, when I have finished, put on the trainers and go for a quick walk. Anyway, hopefully I get some good results on Wed WI. I am thinking of swapping my meetings to Tuesday night at Glenelg as I find that Wed gets busy and i walk that evening with a friend of mine, Doreen my leader does that meeting and I may do t hat in the next few weeks.

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