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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The results are in. Hold onto your seats

Well everyone. I went to WW last night after a bit of a gap. I have gained 2.1. This is expected and I am not upset because I know I was bad, I am only upset when I have put a lot of work into the week and didnt score the results. Anyway, it does make you realise a few things. Mainly, that this is a lifestyle change and I need to get my head into that space. I can have treats every now and again but I have to get my head around that feeling that I am depriving myself. I woke this morning, went for my walk and came home and sat and had breakfast and made my lunch. I have had a good day but do need to drink more water. I have probably ate most of my points except 1.5 (plus exercise which I dont count) and have tried to eat something between meals to get the metabolism in gear. I am hoping with hard work and perserverance that this week I can see a good weight loss. I know I have it in me if I work hard enough. I may even get up early on Saturday and go for a walk. Anyway everyone, I am pasting onto this post a link (www.mcdonalds.com.au/McCafe_Nutritional.pdf) to McDonalds McCafe Menu with nutritional details. I for one tend to go there for a coffee a bit - there is one down the road from where I live and it is handy to know the points, I don't tend to eat the burgers - not that I dont love them but the eating fast food in public is a bit embarrasing when your large.
I know that I need to pull up my socks, work hard and focus on the goals I want to achieve, I need to start getting serious and saying no to certain foods, even when I feel like saying yes.

I do need to get back to basics, I have tracked and organised my menu for the next week with my social functions included. I am going out to Indian on the weekend and have planned what I am eating in advance - no wine that night unfortunately.

Anyway, this is all a learning experience and I am now going to try really hard for a fabulous weight loss this week. I know I wont lose the 2.1 I gained but if I can lose over a 1kg I will be happy.

Take care.

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Tania said...

You can't move past a hurdle until you face it - well done! And you know as well as I do that 2.1kgs can be gone in one good week - focus on that!