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Friday, October 23, 2009

I get a mention (name only) in the WW Mag

Hi everyone I have been a bit slack with the blogging, I normally do it during the day but have been busy at work and haven't got around to it at night. All okay with me, WI tonight at WW so have no idea how I will go, I think I might be in for a gain as I haven't tracked all well (naughty Martine !!) and have had a few too many jelly babies and lime sundaes from Donut King ! One of my facebook friends has mentioned that my name is mentioned in the WW Magazine this month for their blogging section, just a quote from me, but exciting. Popped into WW at lunchtime to have a look at the mag, mine is at home next to the bed awaiting to be read ! Di my new leader and I had a chat, I was honest when I said I hadn't tracked and my mind wasn't as focused as I was a bit rattled that my beloved leader Don resigned. She was great, she did say she was concerned as I obviously was inspired by Don. Saying that, I do like Di and know she has got quite a few people to goal and is great, luckily I am around the corner as well from the city WW meetings and their is a good leader there called Toni (who I have mentioned in my previous posts that has lost 73.4 kgs without loose skin). So I may incorporate both. I have a enlarged node on my neck, at present have had some tests and a biopsy, luckily it is just inflammed but the inflammation is coming from my chest and so x-rays and a CT Scan are in order, nothing too major - so that has been on my mind as well. Luckily, my anti-depressant medication has kicked in and I am feeling my normal happy self. My work situation is changing as at Monday and I am taking on another solicitor at work, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. Luckily, he is a great person and so hopefully we work together okay. I must admit, I am pretty much in a groove with WW - I am not thinking about it 24/7 but am in the routine of what I need to eat. Exercise is definitely an area where I need improvement, the weather in South Australia has been glorious, so there is no excuse. Will report in tomorrow on my WI.


Jo said...

Hey there,

I too saw you got a mention in the WW Mag... you celebrity you!!

Keep your chin up - remember every day is a new day.

Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

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Penny said...

Hi Martine,

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and am hoping you are okay?

Hope all is good.

Best wishes,