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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday again

Well I am still in shock over my two great losses over the two weeks, namely 1.6 and 1 kg. Even more exciting is that TOM arrived on Sunday so my 1kg loss from Friday is even more exceptional. I don't think I have done anything too different, so I suppose my body is catching up. Went out to dinner and the movies on Saturday to see Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep. A wonderful movie particularly if you are a Meryl fan or a foodie. I might start reviewing different foods and recipes and food books but trying to think of a good name for a blog for it. Sunday worked like the devil and note the energy levels were much increased. My car is in the crash repairers this week so will be walked lots of places, so hopefully that makes a difference on Friday when I WI. On Saturday had an hair appointment, those who know me, know I take great pride in my appearance and so had my 6 weekly appointment. Went to Autograph to use my birthday voucher and get a pair of jeans, have dropped 1 size already and wore my outfit out on Saturday arvo and felt quite good, finding a pair of jeans with the right leg is horrendous, I try to buy bootleg for my shape, my legs are okay but my tummy is large and so brought a light blue pair and a floaty blue top. A friend who hadn't seen me for a while, did notice the weight loss which was great. She is short and 65 kgs and wants to lose 10 kgs, I fail to see why people use those shakes when you can eat the 5 food groups plus treats on WW and still lose - there is no quick fix, it takes work. I went over my points as I planned for 1 glass of wine but ended up with 2 but saying that, it is all pointed in the tracker etc. So, again this week I am focusing hard not to have a gain, considering my two good losses, it has given me the confidence I needed, my only concern is that Don my ex leader hasn't seen these, but I think I might get my friend Tania to mention to his wife who is her leader that I am doing well and missing him.


Jo said...

Well done Ms Martine... two losses in a row that's fantastic.

Keep up the good work!!

Chris H said...

Two very good losses, well done!

Tania said...

So, so proud of your losses! Sounds like you had a good night out, isn't it a great feeling when you can socialise, point it all and fit it in your plan? Just goes to show the benefits of WW.

I have only just seen your message now mate, didn't stay at my meeting tonight, miss Mikayla is teething again so I weighed in and rushed home to give my baby girl some much needed cuddles!

Are you coming for lunch on Sunday?