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Friday, October 9, 2009

I am devastated my leader has resigned !

Well this weeks has had its ups and downs. Last week I lost 1.6 kgs and so was aware that it was a large amount and I had to be careful this week. To be honest I would have been happy with a 200 gram loss, got on the scales and another kilo loss. I think my hard work is paying off. So this is a good thing and inspired me to focus on the week ahead. On a sadder note, my beloved leader Don has resigned in mysterious circumstances, no doubt something has got up his nose with WW but can't find out what happened, it is sad when excellent leaders who inspire, encourage and support you are no longer with the organisation, I think WW are a big company and of course they are out to make money, the thing is, with leaders like Don - he actually encourages new members. So then I was in a predicament of who to go to, as you know I go to the WW lifestyle centre at Myer, there are two youngish girls there - who are fabulous but I find I wouldn't want them as my leader, luckily Di and old leader of mine is there and she is fabulous, so I am happy with that. Hopefully she stays on board. Although I am going to write a letter to WW re leaders and their importance and how absolutely devastated I am that Don has left. My anti-depressants are kicking in and I am feeleing happier and thinner. I can start to notice in my face and an old pair of jeans I have are so big now (although they were biggish when I brought them) are no longer wearable, also went to Autograph to buy this skirt I eyed and my normal size was too big - so this is all inspiring me to keep up the good work.


Chris H said...

Well done on the good loss AGAIN!
I have to agree about the importance of having a good WW leader!
I am struggling to find a good one up here in Auckland, my 'old' leader from Palmerston North is proving almost impossible to replace!
It's really sad, cos I like going to WW, but only if I get on and feel a rapport with the Leader.

Tania said...

Congrats again on your loss mate, you sounded so excited when you rang me on Friday - am very happy for you!

I agree with your sentiments about Don, while I didn't have him as a leader he was our weigher and was always ready with a supportive comment and encouragement and I will also miss him.

Well done on those clothing victories - it's a great feeling isn't it?

Julie said...

Congrats on the loss and feeling happier.

It's too bad that your leader is not there anymore. I agree it makes a huge difference in your journey when you have someone you really enjoy and motivates you.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through Lesley's. I know exactly how you feel re the loss of a leader. It happened to our meeting in May. We've ended up with some useless gum-chewing woman and I'm considering changing my meeting. But I have the met the best group of women at that meeting & would hate to lose them. Ergh..decisions!