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Friday, October 2, 2009

A good and unexpected result

I went to my weigh in on Friday at 11am instead of my normal 5.20pm and was unsure how I would go, as you know I now no longer weigh in the scales at home and use my food and exercise as a quide - I thought I could have gained and low and behold a loss of 1.6 kg came up. I know part of that is the difference in the time I weigh but even so !
So the 1.6 loss has given me back my focus and I am so determined this week to have another loss. We all know that after a big loss the following week sometimes has a gain, I am determined not to let this happen to me.
I am hoping within the next week my anti-depressants will kick in and I will be feeling somewhat better, although I am a bit better I still want to sleep all day !
I am back to work on Tuesday and although there are some changes I am not happy about I am going to embrace them and focus on just doing my job. With Daylight saving starting in South Australia it is going to be ideal for me to get that walking into my routine.
Not much else to report, I had a different leader weigh me on Friday as Don my leader was at dragon boat racing and I have had her previously as a leader when I went to WW. Di (the leader) is fabulous and gave me some ideas about exercise as she advised me I was a bit like her - all or nothing and that when I plan my menus I should plan my exercise as well. So I am going to do that.
I think I really needed this good loss as it has given me the confidence and focus I needed.


LellyJ said...

Congratulations on your loss this week!

Chris H said...

What a good loss... and I love your new profile photo.

Trish said...

Way to go Martine - job well done

Tania said...

Well done mate, am very proud of you! You definitely deserved the good result!