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Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to just focus a little harder

Well went to my weigh in on Friday and gained 600 grams. I can't put in writing how I felt but was bloody mad at the scales and myself. I know I am not defined by the scales but I do have to get to 71 kgs to get to goal and it doesnt matter how many NSV's I do, the point is I need to make those scales move. It is a combo of various things, my state of mind, not eating enough and no exercise at all.
Don my leader wants me to to fast track this week. It has been hard Friday night, Sat and Sunday has I have had functions on and threw caution to the wind and ate and drank too much. Today I have worken up a bit later as I am on holidays and got back into the groove with the food, and once the weather clears I am hoping this afternoon to take Vince the dog for a walk with me. With the lack of exercise waiting for my gym to be built is not a good enough excuse but saying that November can't come soon enough. With the exercise plan I don't want to go like a bull at a gate, next week when back at work what I plan to do this week is walk with Vince when I get home and catch an early tram in the morning and walk into work from Greenhill Road initially which is about a 20 minute walk and then get off stops earlier until I can walk in for 30 minutes plus I might try to do a lunchtime walk as well. I have an old pedometre around the place so might use that as a goal setting tool.
On previous posts I have had a few comments that I put too much pressure on myself by setting myself the challenge of being 100% focussed on this WW journey. I realise that I think that I am right in my views and thinking that 100% committment is what sets me for consistent losses. So from now on I am going to do what is right for me and just focus on this 100%. After all the WW program is not hard and I believe I can have quite a good variety of foods on it.
Saturday went on a blind date from the Oasis Active site. I fail to see how anybody meets men online, although I do know a few women that have. It turns out that the guy I meet is someone the crossed my path 20 years ago, I actually accompanied a male friend to his wedding. I am fussy with grooming and take pride in my appearance and accept that not everyone is like this but I do expect a bit of effort so that was a minus and then he put the hard word on me and really wasnt my type - why is it that the men you like never like you but the men that like you fail to rock your world.
Went to my doctor about my depression and back on the anti-depressants which I think is going to help my mental state and focus. I have a lump/enlarged gland on my neck which we have had ultra sounds on and monitoring. It has grown a bit bigger from my last appointment when it was actually smaller so I am off to the specialist to do a biopsy and look at it.
Hoping to go and buy from IPOD next week so if anyone has any great podcasts I might like can you put a post on my blog. That is going to help me with my WW journey.
So this week I am spring cleaning so hopefully burning off those calories. So today is the beginning for me and I am pleased that I have woken with some focus. The thing we all must remember is that it is about the journey and that you have not given up. I have set myself a challenge of 5 losses in a row and will buy myself something as a reward - so it is out there. I want to be 6 kgs lighter by Christmas and that is doeable.
I plan in the next month to set up a link to a recipe blog that will also have ideas for home handy hints and a variety of things and subjects - gives me something to do at 2am. I just have to find a good name for it.


Irene said...

exercise will come...just a little at a time...and the recipe blog sounds yummy!!

Tania said...

Well done on your attitude mate - I know the first reaction to a gain is a negative but it's what you do next that counts and you're definitely showing your committment. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Trish said...

You are stronger than you think. You will get their and your goal of 6kg by Xmas is totally do-able