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Monday, May 10, 2010

Where did the weekend go

Hopefully all the mothers that read this blog had a great Mother's Day. I did remind Vince the wonderdog that I was a mother, even if it is to a little dog that is as cute as a button. It is always a hard day as it reminds me that I won't experience motherhood, there are worse things. Maybe I had a mountain of children in a past life. All things WW going well. I have been meticulous in my tracking and food, if I have been out have got copies of the menu and all good, the scales this morning have gone down. I do find the weighing every few days beneficial, particularly when the week is either very good or very bad - it does inspire. Vince has a vet appointment tonight for his needles, I may or may not get to the gym but we will go for a walk. Made a wonderful spicy red lentil soup which is low in points and divine, today made a Vietnamese Chicken Salad with a lovely dressing of brown sugar, soy, lime and fish sauce. I do get bored easily with my food. So all going well, focused on what needs to be done, my heel is still horrendously sore, mainly when I am sitting down or lying down in bed and get up - hopefully the podiatrist can sort the matter out for me. Gym tomorrow night so will work on the rower, it was harder than I thought it would be. Have a good day. Martine


Chris H said...

Ever thought of adoption? If being a mother is something you really, really want it is not impossible. There are children/babies all around the world wanting a Mum.

Trish said...

Hey Martine

It just goes to show what a strong woman you are, it does not matter than you have a heal injury, you are working around it by going on the rower - Hi Five to you!!!!


Tania said...

Well done on the rower mate, I know how much you hate it!