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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Confessions of a binger

Well the title says it all. I went to the supermarket just to buy some sliced turkey. For some reason I felt a bit off and ended up eating a snickers, a mars bar, a bun and a bottle of coke - I dont even like Coke. So today I am feeling really ANGRY at myself. I must say that I am exceptionally tired at present and feel in awe of these ladies on WW that have lost tonnes of weight and somehow have got energy and the urge to exercise. I know this will come. I dont know why I felt the need to binge but thankfully it was only 1 meal and not too much damage done. Anyway have confessed all my sins. It is a scorcher in Adelaide tonight so may try and get my walking in after dark when it is cooler - poor Vince the wonderdog wont cope in the head - as will his mum.


Tania said...

Confession over ... move on! I look forward to reading another update tomorrow telling me how good your day was.

Charlie said...

Hello, Sounds like self sabotage to me. I used to do it all the time, with everything, not just food. You will get there, just give it time. You could also go to your doctor and he may able to help you with a bit of a boost? take care.