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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Planning is the key to success

My family went home today, actually it was so easy now that my mum is watching her weight.. I am now more determined than ever to keep focused and follow the WW rules and principles, as the last thing I want is my mother to be more successful than I am. Isnt that shocking. I would die if she lost all her weight quite easily - obviously 13 kilos compared to 50 is still a big difference but all the same. Having people stay with you is good but your planning goes out the window, as does the tracking. I think planning a few meals for the freezer when you cant be bothered cooking, having enough food in the freezer or panty for a quick WW meal and planning the meals for the week is going to help me have constant losses. I note that people on the WW forum are all obsessed with amounts they lose, a lady the other day lost in her 2nd week a kilo and complained that she had only lost 3.4 in two weeks. I refuse to do this and will keep going and not worry if I lose 100 grams, all losses add up. Of course I would like bigger weight losses, that is only natural but this is going to be a long journey to goal and I just have to keep going, whilst it hasnt been hard, I think my mental state has been good and I do think about what I am eating. Although I need to plan for a few snacks at the odd time I feel like something. I think those little snack packs of rice crackers and salsa might be good to just carry in your bag. Anyway, tomorrow I am going to be up at 6am and out the door with Vince the wonderdog. I have a MP3 player my mother brought for me (actually given to her) but it is enough to put my favorite songs on, if I find it benefical I will buy myself a IPod with a reasonable capacity so that I can download my favorite songs or a audio book which I also thought was a good idea. I wont like getting up at 6am but I know I can do it. The dog will go mental as he will adore it and as he is my favorite thing in the entire world I will tell myself it is for Vince's benefit. I plan to post more photos of meals, events etc on this blog. Whilst my Mum was down she was on my computer alot, I was paranoid that she would find this blog, I never mean to be derotagory about her but this blog is about me releasing my feelings, thoughts and actions so that when I am at goal I can review what I have achieved, when I am struggling to review previous entries. Anyway, I will report in tomorrow with my WW results.


Lucylosingit said...

Hello Martine...I have just found your blog after recently returning to WW and core...I have around 40kgs to lose and find looking at blogs like your own and Shazzy's a great inspiration...I am in Brissy, 42 with 3 kids, one 8 and twins who are 4 and who start school next week. I am hoping then to be able to get more serious at this weight loss business and get more time for exercise. So I hope you don't mind if I come along on your journey with you by following your blog. Cheers, Lucy

Lisa said...

Hi Martine. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad that I'm giving you some inspiration!

<3 Lisa

Martine said...

Lucy, love to stay in touch. If you want to email me anytime, just let me know and I can give you my email address. I am 45 and a legal secretary in Adelaide. Not married unfortunately but have a great life. I am trying to get this weight under control and start an exercise plan. Martine

Lucylosingit said...

Martine, I would like to keep in touch if that is ok. I just feel if I have someone to talk to I won't give up so easily as I usually do. I also work in a legal firm here in Brisbane part-time in accounts...I am just going off the wagon already and have had pizza today and chocolate...no self control. If you are able to give me your email address that would be great. many thanks, cheers Lucy