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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Mojo is well and truly working !

Well ladies, it is 8.52pm on Wednesday night and thought I need to put a post on my blog. All going well since my last post. Yesterday was another great day with another NSV (non-scale victory) to post. As everyone in the entire world knows, I have insomnia and chronic insomnia at that. So from 11.50 pm to about 2.30am to about 3am is a time when I am most stressed as I am trying my damnest to get to sleep and that is when I want to eat. Last night at 1am I woke from my little 10 minute nap and was absolutely starving !!!! Anyway, it was all I could think about and what I did was trying to focus on what I want to achieve and how I am going to feel, look and emotionally and physically be like 50kgs lighter. I did some self talk and really asked myself why I felt like eating. The long and short of it was that I didn't eat and must admit that I was quite chuffed at myself this morning when I woke. Even if I do eat during the night it is always tracked and I thought my god, another non scale victory for me. The NSV's are becoming another valuable tool in my weight loss journey. My friend Tania is the one that made me aware that we put too much emphasis on the scales and the other things we do during a day are just as important. So for me, this was a major step as well I track my NSV's - a bit obsessive I know but I like the feeling of tracking them, that way if the scales are not good I can always look back at the NSV's. My birthday is Saturday which comes with alot of emotions. I don't give a toss that I am about to turn 46 as quite frankly I don't think that I look 46 and without sounding vain, there is nothing I can do about it but being single is hard, but I am lucky to have great and much loved friends. So with the birthday comes a bit of eating which starts Friday lunchtime - I have a RDO day off on Friday - Yippee. Gill and I are going to Panthai at the Pier Hotel for lunch which looks over the Glenelg Beach so I know that menu and will have something stir fried and I will ask for them to stir fry it in little or no oil and will indulge in a glass of wine or too and a latte after. Saturday (the birthday day) Joanne my loved loved bestie is coming over first thing in the morning as my parents live interstate - so I wake up solo and we will go for a coffee etc, lunch I am just having a green salad and a little protein and an apple and then dinner is at Lido at Holdfast Shores and I have looked at their menu and pre-planned what I may have. Sunday is breakfast in the city but that is pretty safe and a few poached eggs on toast and a couple of coffees is the go. I remain focused and have the view that I must stick to the program 100% and with that comes success and as each day goes by with perfectly tracked points, water drunk, NSV's and exercise the more confident and determine I am. My WI day is Friday at 5.20pm and I am hoping the scales record another good loss, I am not going to focus on an amount but just want to secure a loss. After all, I am realistic to know that just because you have had good week the scales don 't know you weigh in on Friday. Anyway, I just want to be able to look at my reflection in a window and not cringe, so for me the fact is I need to focus. The weather in Adelaide has been dismal with rain and lots of wind, the exercise is not happening and I am hoping next week allows me a few more walks. I have asked for Coles Myer Vouchers for my birthday from family and will put it towards my IPOD for the gym or when I walk instead of sensible things like new shoes for work. Must dash it is cold in my study. Martine xx


Tania said...

It's a good feeling to be focussing on those NSV's isn't it? I got the idea from ChrisH and it's definitely been a big saviour to my journey this time around.

You're doing great with the meal preparations for dining out! I hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating your birthday - you deserve it!

Martine said...

Thanks mate, not sure how well I am going to be mentally tomorrow birthday day but we will see. Mx