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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am back !!!! Lots to tell

Well I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. Work has become busier and that was when I normally posted my updates, so I am planning to either do an update during my lunch hour or at night. There is lots to tell so will start at the beginning.
Weight and Weight Watchers
As mentioned in my previous post, Don my leader who I had a great bond and rapport with left WW. The leader that I now have Di is great but I lost my mojo and focus after Don left. My weight just was up and down and I needed to decide what I was going to do, leaving WW is not and never has been an option for me. Went to a city meeting with Toni who was wonderful and thought that might have been an option, so on the 4th December 2009 I had a huge talk to Di, initially I was going to move meetings. I basically poured my heart at and it was so therapeutic to do so. I decided and Di agreed I needed to start over (this was to coincide with the opening of the gym). and so started a new card and book with Di to keep the book at WW. Somehow it was a good feeling, she admitted to me she thought it would be difficult for me when Don left. So the old saying a problem shared is a problem solved is exactly right.
So my first weigh in was Friday. Had a good week and it was unfortunate that I had a work lunch late on Friday before my weigh in, got on those scales and only 100gram loss but happy that it was a loss and considering I ate at 2.30pm and didnt finish till 3.30pm - that could be the reason, the scales are not the be all and end all of success, particularly during the Christmas season.
This week I am just planning on doing the same things I have been doing. I am proud of the fact that I am reasonably relaxed about what has happened of late, I think at times we put too much pressure on ourselves and there needs to be a balance, if I cant get the gym one day, it is not the end of the world. Putting too much pressure on ourselves is a trigger for disaster, I want this journey to be enjoyable and to enjoy the food and exercise but not let it dictate my life.
The gym has finally opened at Glenelg it is the Genesis Gym and the gym has opened and is a state of the art facility and brand new, it is nice to work out in a nice environment and what is good is that the people that attend are just every day people. A program has been designed both cardio with levels I should be aiming for etc and the weights program, all going well and I certainly am sweating after the workout and can feel that I have pushed myself. Going to the gym and doing a good workout is enough, baby steps at present for me with 3 times a week is my initial goal till the new year, a walk every now and again during the day for me. I have an iphone with an ipod so hoping to sort out the downloading of stuff for that and particularly good podcasts to enable me to listen to something whilst working out, the good things is the gym has tv's everywhere and I can plug into listen to them and that is entertaining. I have had one PT training session with Adrian, he is a great guy but not for me but have bonded quite well with one of the other trainers Jess and think I might investigate to odd training session with her, money is extremely tight so I am hoping just to fit a few in every now and again.
Health Wise
I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis which are nodes on the lung, the symptoms of these are coughing, breathlessness, headaches, change in heart rhythm and exteme lethagy. So I have undergone a battery of tests at present to see what condition everything is in. It is a rare disease but hopefully I can get it sorted out, so I am pleased that even though I am extremely tired I can at least function. There are all sorts of treatment, I have been given some medication for the cough which is getting worse and driving me mental, although there is medication that I can take the side effects are shocking and one of them is massive weight gain - obviously this is a last resort.
Food Blog
In the new year I want to start a food blog to review recipes, new food products, food journals and cook books, cafes and restaurants but not only with WW in mind but food in general. I am trying to think of a catchy name. Some of the names I am thinking of are:-
  1. Food Review
  2. Food, Restaurants ,Recipes and Review
  3. Cuisine Chronicles
  4. All things food
  5. The Foodie Corner

Anyone else has any ideas?

Love Life

This time of year (Christmas) can be a very hard time of year for us single girls. My friend Michael (friend with benefits) which has last 14 years and I know cares deeply for me is committment phobic, it is frustating for all types of reasons. I suppose if I need to change my life, then it is me that needs to change it. This time of year I am surround my new born babies, they absolutely tear at my heart and although in this life, it hasnt happened for me and I am fine with that, it still hurts after all I am a very maternal type of woman and in this life my "Isabella" my baby name is not going to happen. All of this makes me realise why I am spending time with Michael that what I want is not going to happen. I have a lovely friend who is going out with a great guy in the USA and they are having a long distance relationship which is working out well, he is a tour manager for the rock band Kiss and is fabulous, this relationship makes me realise what I am missing out on. It is not always flowers and romance and realise that this does fad but I want to experience that at some point. So before I go to Broken Hill for Christmas on the 24th of this month I am going to have it out with him and tell him I can't do this any more. It is going to be emotional but saying that I need to do this.
Well - that basically covers it, during the Christmas period I am going to try and just maintain my weight and focus on one day at a time. I think the fact that I am fairly relaxed but focused is going to help me get that 50 kilos off and not crash and burn.
Please feel free to comment on this blog, it helps no end. I promise to blog daily from now on.
Martine xxxxx


LellyJ said...

Hi Martine

Thanks for updating us! It was good to hear your news. I agree a fresh start with weight watchers is a great way to move forward, good luck with it and your new gym membership. The gym sounds great. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems--it sounds like you are approaching it all in a very positive way however. Good luck with taking control of your health and weight and love life.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Tania said...

Good to see you updating again mate! You've definitely made the switch to lifestyle change, and it's such an important step (a lesson I learnt the hard way).

I'm so glad that you are going to end things with Michael - I truly believe that once you do that you'll be completely free to meet the right person when they come along - you know what else I think you need to do so I won't go there.

Glad to hear all is going well at the gym - when do you go to and get back from BH - we will have to catch up for that lunch with Anna.

Chris H said...

Go for it chick.. move on ... and i hope you do meet the right guy soon. It is never too late!

Chris H said...

ADOPT YOU....??? Are you mad woman! I have 8 already...... ha ha ha!
But if you were to offer to wrap presents for me.. I MIGHT just consider it!

Julie said...

Glad to see you are back!

I think you are on the right path to get your life rolling.
Good for you for the changes you are making.

The love life can be hard to tackle... and not all what it's cracked up to be.
I think if you gain control of your life, good things will come.

Hang in there!