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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sorry for being missing in action

Now where to start !

The kitchen has gone in and looks fabulous, I am very excited. My beautiful Dad removed the old kitchen, re-tiled the new kitchen with very large fabulous tiles and painted. He will be back with Mum on the 24th to paint the lounge and my laundry. It is just so nice to have a great new kitchen although I haven't used the oven yet (as it is no nice and new I don’t want to dirty it !). I will post soon the new kitchen photos.

He was down for 2 weeks and at the end I didn’t want him to leave, considering I have lived by myself since the age of 22 and am now 46 years of age, that is pretty good going.

Now with Weight Watchers, lost 1kg this fortnight (didn’t go last week as I had a doctor’s appointment). The week before that my blasted TTOM was due so a gain of 1.4 kilos. At least it is down from the last TTOM gain of 2.2 ! The plan was to do a fast track, low processed food the week my period is due, with one thing and another it didn’t happen but as it is due again in another 17 days I will ensure that I monitor carefully that week my food so that I can secure a loss. I may try and fit in a few more exercise sessions that week, if I can get out of bed earlier. I refuse to buy myself that Lorna Jane gym bag until I have had 4 losses in a row – period or no period. I know I can lose when TTOM is due.

My leader has been away so I saw Lachie – a young buff leader who lost about 35 kilos, he was really direct and we talked about TTOM and what I plan to do – he also suggested that week to go organic. A totally different attitude but saying that he is very helpful as far as questions re exercise goes.

With Dad down I didn’t go to the gym for 2 weeks, purely as he was home working and I felt uncomfortable with that, I must admit to really missing it and it made me realise that it does relax me and puts me in a good frame of mind, I think that as I sweat and work hard that I am doing what a lot of people don’t do, that is exercise – I know all the girls that are dieting, following Weight Watchers or the like exercise but I know a lot of people that do not exercise, so I am personally proud that I do this. I can see my shape changing and must remember to measure myself again and see how I go.

Went to see my specialist about my lung, he really didn’t answer my questions despite lots of tests with large gap fees, he told me to keep exercising and ensure my fitness is increased – no drama with that. He told me perhaps my shape wasn’t helping – ie. I am in need of losing weight. He suggested about 10 – 15 kilos. What was interesting when I underwent these tests in 2003 and now in 2010 I am exactly the same weight and in 2003 I had not breathing difficulties. Obviously I only told Mum that he said to keep my fitness up, she asked about the weight – I didn’t comment as I didn’t need the stress or anxiety associated with it. Phoebe on the biggest loser reminds me of me, last night she had a makeover and commented the more her mother told or tried to help her diet the more she ate, the message is that I am the only one that can do this, if I am not in the right mindset – then it doesn’t matter what I follow nothing will help. I am lucky that I am patient and that I am happy with how this year has gone, my attitude is that I haven’t given up. I do notice the correlation between exercise and constant weight loss, the fact that I walked for years has made me realise that unless we are absolutely power walking and pushing ourselves, a leisurely stroll won’t work.

So overall, things going well – I am focused on just doing what I am doing, although I need to increase my water and fruit intake – somehow the water is a bit of a struggle so I must focus on this.

I have read a lot of blogs lately, I might not be exactly where I want to be but I am more times than not being quite good, I know with exercise at my gym that with what I eat that I can lose with consistently, as long as I work out what to do that 4th week when TTOM is due.

Anyway everyone, that is me for the time being – I plan to update daily as I need at night to write my exercise details in a log, I am seriously thinking of buying a polar heart rate monitor to monitor the calories burned etc – must look into that.

Martine xxx


-SPW said...

Hi there,
I wanted to let you know your blog is awesome.
You are very open and helpful in your comments! :) I love the caption on the photo on the right (Before I became a supermodel!)Its the right mentality!!
I just started a blog on the side of my main blog called 52 pounds in 52 weeks. I would love to have someone like you sound in once in a while with a comment or two! It sure can be hard without support!
Keep up the good work and stop by sometime!!!!

Vic said...

Hello love, good to see you are still battling the god fight.
I love my exercise it makes me feel good when I feel soo tired its fantastic. Look forward to seeing you work on the TTOM issues.

kazz said...

Hi Martine :) Your doing so good...glad the kitchen is all good n ur happy with it...n if you have any queries about the HRM feel free to ask me :)

Trish said...

Happy to see you back


Trish said...

Happy to see you back


LellyJ said...

Hi Martine. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing those kitchen pics! Best wishes, Lesely