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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1 started

Well girls, last night I drove the long drive to my WW meeting. Meet my darling friend half way and she directed me to where I should be going. We meet at the entrance to the drive in and took each other's before photo which was a front and side photo. I was obsessed about doing this all day, not sure why and so it was important for me. The face on photo is not good, but brilliant compared to the side photo (will post them later on). What is good that it is on the iphone and I plan to look at that photo when I feel the urge to stray and eat I went to the meeting hand in hand with Karen. We both were a bit emotional for different reasons, meet Tina (leader) who was brilliant, joined up and weighed. On the way in the car, I kept thinking I can do this, please do not let me be over 120kgs. Got on the scales, 122.5 and so over the last month or so I have gained around 6kgs. So I sat down and waited for my friend to be weighed and then dear friends Tania and Tina arrived - thank god for those beautiful girls. I really felt at home. Tania and Tina meet for a quick coffee aftewards, Karen and myself waited back and had a chat to Tina the leader and discuss the program. You see around 12 months ago I had Tina's husband Don as my leader, had the mindset happening and had no doubt that I would have got to goal with him, I had lost my way ever since he resigned from Weight Watchers. So purged this feeling to my leader. She initially for this week only set us both on 22 points. Karen is normally on 25 points and myself on 24 points. She said that we should bounce of each other and keep each other's graph of weight loss on each other's pantry to inspire us. We both purged and let out how we were feeling, mine have been documented before and dear Karen for very personal reasons I won't put on this blog. There were tears shed. Meet Tina and Tania for a coffee, Karen kindly brought me a coffee (skim cap of course) and I went cold turkey and said no sugar. You know girls, I drank that damn coffee and didnt find it too bad. I drove home which was quite a distance and really had time to think, shed a few tears and really was so driven by the time I got home. I walked into the house, turned the TV on, gave Vince the wonderdog a huge cuddle as he hadn't seen me all day and was in overdrive for a cuddle and stripped off and measured myself. Will do the measurements again tonight to ensure they are accurate. I went to bed with a feeling of the line had been written in the sand, it was time to focus on what needs to be done remembering this is not a race but baby steps and even 1 hour at a time if need be. Hardly slept at all and tossed and turned all night which drives me absolutely around the damn bend. Had breakfast and planned my day's eating. Unfortunately I am going to a friend's for dinner tonight so will take mineral water and have left more than enough points for that. This morning, normally I stop before work and have 1 smallish latte and a medium one to take away, both with 2 sugars. This morning I had my smallish latte and again had no sugar and it was drinkable and not as bad as I thought, I didnt have the additional latte like I normally do. So day 1 underway, water bottle on desk and focusing on getting through today, tomorrow I will focus on getting through tomorrow.


kazz said...

Glad you have drawn that line Martine...good luck for this week!

Chris H said...

It must be SO LOVELY to have friends to go with. I miss that, and that is why I still have not gone back to any of the WW meetings here. I don't know anyone and felt like an outsider at the ones I tried already.
I hope you have a fantastic first week girl.
Note the photos of me dogs I put up today, just for You!

kathiej said...

Glad that line is drawn... U will do great.....as for not sleeping have u tried restavit....u get from chemist and it is great take for a couple of nights justtoget ur body back into the habit of sleeping...just a thought.