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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 21 and still no sugar

Well, my period is three days overdue, so I am a bit fragile. Weight Watchers tonight, I am not sure how I am going to go, with my period it is a delicate balance but overall I am pleased with my progress. Not much to report really, got some jobs done around home last night in preparation for the visitors arriving. My aunt and uncle are arriving and my aunt, god bless her, is a fanatical cleaner, so just sorted some stuff out and it was a nice feeling to do that. Sorting through stuff which I don't use so am tossing it out. So the plan is this coming week to keep on doing what I am doing. Today is day 21 without sugar and the coffee is getting easier and easier, it depends on what barista makes the coffee but it is a real achievement so I think on day 28 I might reward myself with something like a lipstick etc because it is a habit that has been hard to break. The cold is driving me crazy, but hopefully it just goes away soon. As I have discussed before the losing weight is such a mental thing, this week with the stress of work and being under the weather it has made me think how much we eat our emotions. I am pleased that I got through this relatively unscathed and the fact that I had one blow out and not a weeks worth of blow out. I intend to get into the exercise next week in earnest once the boss is back and once my 4 losses in a row challenge is achieved I will work out an exercise challenge for the month. With something like a challenge for me to attend 4 classes during the month and a challenge regarding my cardio workouts. Anyway, weigh in tonight, I am a tad nervous mainly due to the bloating of my period but overall it has been quite good. My attitude and plan is to take 1 day at a time and that is what I am doing. I am so chuffed that today is day 21 without sugar in my coffee and I plan to focus in earnest next week with the sodium and sugar in my foods. Take care and thank you for reading, it means a lot


Natalie said...

Good luck for your weigh-in Martine. Everything is crossed for you here in NZ!

Vic said...

Martine I have found and I know we are all different but if I just keep it up the loss shows up after the period? have you tried weighing daily during the week of your period to see if this happens, my Dr recommended it to me as I was getting annoyed and with that it stops the annoyed I am getting fat anyway binges.. ?? Just an idea ??
Good luck for weigh in.. walk in with pride you have changed something in your life !