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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 22

Well, Day 22 is here already. As you saw in last night's post, I am thrilled to say that I have lost 3.2 kilos in three weeks. Last night lost 600 grams and that is great considering I have been unwell all week, stressed with work and my period is now 5 days overdue. Next weigh in I am hoping, or should I say, I will have another loss and that new gym bag will be brought. My focus is to get through this next week, my lovely boss is back on Tuesday from Paris and so things will get back to normal. I have a Trust Account Audit on the 15/10/10, so after that I plan to take some leave and just chill out a bit. So, I have to work hard this week just to keep on track. We have a challenge at WW, we have been all given a tree, each week there is a challenge and depending on how much you lose you get a sticker (or fruit) for the tree. This week's challenge is tracking, so luckily that is something that I do regularly and it keeps me on track. Not much else happening.

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Effie said...

Great loss Martine and 3.2 kilos in 3 weeks is fantastic. You are doing so well. I love the tree idea - any chance of a picture? Have a good day.