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Monday, December 6, 2010

Days 88 to 90 - All going well but..........

Well, everything is going well. Pro Points going fantastically but the scales are up and down, last week's big loss was great but this week it has been a struggle to get the scales at home to show a loss. The answer is put the scales away !. I know I have done all the right things so fingers crossed that I lose this week - that will be 4 losses in a row and my new Lorna Jane Gym Bag can be purchased. The weekend was busy AGAIN, this time of year drives me insane - I have far too much to do and no time to do it. I am making a list tonight and must work through it. My saving grace is that there is nothing on TV for me to get distracted by. Saturday busy running around and home Saturday night - BLISS. . Sunday over to the Central Markets for a catch up with some WW girls (Dee, Sharon, Kazz, Jo and myself) - always good and lots of talking. They are a good bunch and always make me feel good. Then up to my brother's as it is my niece's 5th birthday - she is so mega cute. Last night got stuck into the housework and made a quick ham and cheese quiche, although it needed to be cooked a little longer now back at work today - not that I feel like it. This week has been going GREAT, I am so focused at present and realise that in order for me to constantly lose weight, I have to keep on doing what I am doing. It is going well and I am pleased, will feel more settled once I get on the scales tomorrow at WW. I know the body fluctuates, the heat in Adelaide hasn't helped so I am ensuring that I get plenty of water into the system today. Focused on the next 2.2 kilograms. Have a good day. Sunday w

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Is it possible to contact administration?
By the way, anybody home?!