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I am 49 and heading for 50. This is about me, the highs and lows and a lot of stuff re weight loss, so follow me and see wha I am up to !!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What I need to consider:
  • Baby steps. This journey will take a while
  • Ensure I eat all my food groups
  • Ensure I drink all my water
  • Remember I am not alone
  • Just remember the path ahead, what I have done in the past is gone.
  • Blogs, Blogs, and more blogs and my beloved WW site - so much inspiration


Tania said...

Oh and one more for the list - practice what you preach :-) You're always the first person to give good advice to others but have to remember that that same advice applies to your journey too - you'll get there mate, you have the knowledge sometimes it's just bloody hard getting into the right mindset.

J said...

Excellent advice to yourself! Keep it up! xx