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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 2 Weigh In

Well I went to my WW class last night and meet my friend Karen there. I had a headache which was purely caused by the worrying about a loss or not. Psychologically in the early stages a loss just simply "does my head in". I got on the scales and it recorded a loss of 0.2. Obviously, it would have been nicer for a larger number but I am still struggling with why the week after my period is when I am heavier. Anyway I am not going to focus on the numbers but just aim for a loss each week. Anyway it does average out to 1kg a week. This week's lecture was about water. I am going to attempt to work into my week the lessons learnt at my meeting. I do drink 3/4 of my water - about 1.5 litres a day. I am going to aim for 2 litres this week. I dont include the ole peppermint tea etc in that figure. I got out my drink bottle and put one in my bag. It is the same one as I have at work. A Tupperware one that contains 560mls of liquid. So I drank it easily on the way to work and anticipate I will do the same on the way home. That is 1 litre without trying. I have a litre on my desk and want to drink that today. Once you get used to the water thing it is quite easy. My aim this week is to just do what I have been doing. I have a Christmas party on Sat night so will eat a bit before hand - may make a green salad and hopefully I wont be starving. I am going to have a few wines within my 21 extra core points but you need to be able to have treats etc - if you are going to maintain this lifestyle you must have treats. I would prefer to have a glass of wine (good wine and preferrably NZ Sav Blanc) to a chocolate. Anyway, inspired again for another week. I need to think about what I am going to buy myself for my first 5kgs. I am very inspired by the positivity of Nicky's blog and honesty. I believe writing your feelings down is good for the soul. Got my neighbour to take a photo of me. Lied to her (well a little white lie). Told her I needed a photo taken for a friend for her assignment. I am not prepared to tell friends yet that I am on WW. They are supportive but I dont want them thinking "here we go again". My darling friend Tania is always supportive so she obviously knows. The family will be the last to know - the pressure they put on me is not helpful. This is for me - I want to just feel a bit more confident. I think I am well groomed and quite presentable as I am but can be dynamite at 71 kgs. I will do this and it is for me. Just think of all those clothes I can buy.....So this week I am focused, inspired and ready for another weight loss. Will post some photos on the weekend.

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Nicky said...

Hey Martine, Cant wait to see the photo of you and its a great way of tracking your progress (along with measurements). I cant wait until I can see a difference... I think I will have to wait until Ive lost at least 20kgs. Hey ho.

I know what you mean about not wanting to tell people you are starting a(nother) "diet". I only told my husband, boss and sister because I didnt want the accusing looks or comments from everyone if they saw me eating anything other than lettuce :)

I think you are doing really well and the most important thing is to never ever give up!! Im looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Nicky xx