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Friday, December 12, 2008


Well last night I headed up to my hairdresser for a bit of indulging and a new style. Was running late and therefore my food choice wasnt the best. It has given me food for thought. If in future I know this is going to happen I need to be a bit more organised and perhaps think about my food options, I ended up having a yiros. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I should have had a stir fry or salad. Every day is a learning experience and so I have decided that one slip up isnt going to kill me. I will try and be a lot stronger this week. I dont have alot on eating wise other than Gill's Christmas party so I am seeking a good weight loss this week. I am excited about the new WW food plan so hoping that it is good. I am a bit concerned that so many people on the WW site are so stressed about it - I trust WW to do the right thing but if I need to change slightly what I am doing, then I will do it. Now addictions - of course I have an addiction to the hairdresser, my grooming, food and in particular sugar which I am finding is going away - thankfully because I have increased my protein which does help. I want to be addicted to exercise. I fell in Grenfell Street in the city yesterday - not a pretty sight when all 117 kilos of me when down on my knee which today is like a balloon so I will not be walking for the next few days. I am so in awe of the ladies on the WW site that have an addiction to exercise .....I wish but I am hoping this will happen in the fullness of time. My dream about anything else is to run so when I am down to at least double digits and around the 90 kg I may bite the bullet and get a trainer that can help me with my dream. I am organised with my food today, got up early had my cereal, organised lunch and my yoghurt. Yesterday I had all 2 litres of water and up for the challenge today - althought I do spend half my life in the toilet. I need to remember this positive feelings for when I am not feeling so positive. This is a long journey and one with lessons to be learnt and full of peaks and valleys. I suppose it comes down to me. I can only imagine my feeling of excitement when I am down to double digits but that is a way off....at the moment I am concentrating on 5 kilos at a time. Enough of me for the moment.


Tania said...

Woohoo you go girl! You are sounding very inspired, we will get there, hope the knee settles down soon.

Will give you a call once I finish work next week and arrange a day to catch up for lunch - long overdue!

J said...

Firstly, I hope your knee is okay! And secondly, I would never in a million years have dreamed that I would be addicted to working out... I still can't believe that I enjoy it - well to be honest I don't enjoy the workout as much as the feeling afterwards & the results - but if I can do it, anyone can do it! I'm one of the laziest people on Earth! lol. Best of luck, and I'm sure your hair is looking fab-u-lous! xx Jess