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Monday, December 15, 2008

The weekend update and the week ahead

This is Vincenzo aka Vince - the best and cutest dog known to man. Well everyone, where did that weekend go? On the knee front I did rest it quite alot so I have at least movement but god it is sore, swollen and bruised. No walking this week for me but hopefully by the end of the week I should be okay. I MUST GET THIS WALKING UNDERWAY. Now my weekend.......I actually thought I was reasonably good, I didnt drink all my water which I really must concentrate on a bit more and remember to carry a decent size container with me or ensure a smaller one is filled up regularly - hardly had any water so have to drink like the devil before my 3rd weigh in on Wednesday. Overall my eating wasnt too bad on the weekend, if anything, I didnt eat enough which we all know is not good. I am going to be like Mother Theresa with my food this week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) so that I have a decent weight loss on Wednesday. I must admit to being a bit angry with the forums at present. The new program is causing concern for Core followers but guessing is not the answer. We are not going to completely know what is happening until it is released and if they are phasing out Core or whatever then we have to accept it. I plan to give the new program a few weeks trial period and see what I think. I will post my photos tonight. Had one taken with my girlfriends on the weekend - I had a lot of compliments about what I wore but I still look like I am about to explode - the arms and the stomach are shockers. I am hoping to keep the photos going regularly of my weight loss and may even just ask my WW leader at the end of the meeting. On my friend Tania's blog I see she too is thinking of joining WW. She had a huge success on it previously and I do believe is a good program. I am thrilled that she is doing this and can always dash to her place for a photo opportunity. I know getting to goal is hard but can forget the fact that maintenance for life will take the same amount of determination it takes to lose it. I was in Sussan's the other day and they had a sale, it made me think about clothes shopping as a size 14. I can imagine the bargains I will be able to pick up and I adore clothes so am trying to imagine what I may be like, not just physically but emotionally as well. This week the plan is to: * Keep the water happening * Remember to eat enough food * Try and ensure that I am organised with my food * Measure myself Anyway I am focused on today, tomorrow and Wednesday's eating. I am going to ensure that I eat exactly what I need to eat to lose weight. I havent weighed myself yet and am hoping for a good weight loss...but needing to remember that weight loss is not the only way to see success. My eating has been good, my water intake better and no sugar foods. Christmas lunch I will eat but I am not using Christmas as an excuse to gorge. The best dog in the world - see photo and I are driving to Broken Hill - 6 hrs in a car. We will have our thermos of peppermint tea, our healthy snacks and yoghurt and not eat for 6 hours on the road trip. Before it was a tidal wave of lollies, crisps, chocolate and toasted sandwiches. Nothing cant be achieved with a bit of positive thinking. I will do this....

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