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Monday, December 15, 2008

Positive thinking

I have just come back from a coffee with my friend Gill. I had a latte and ate my lunch before seeing her. I felt the need to blog. It is like an addiction for me at present but putting those thoughts down on paper somehow helps the journey. I realised at lunch today that my eating on the weekend was really good and that I managed good choices. I know eating not enough is as bad as eating too much but for me I suppose as well it showed control. I feel in the zone at present and want to embrace this feeling I am having. My goal is to lose weight over the next few weeks - if I can manage to lose even 100 grams the week after Christmas I know I will feel great. When I go home tonight I am going to work out when I am out for dinner, when I am at home, travelling etc and try to plan for this. Now Broken Hill which is were my parents live. I can manage to go up there and stay on track without too many suspicions aroused. I am normally fairly good when they are with me so I am using this as a challenge. My two part challenge is to lose weight over the Christmas period and to plan my eating in Broken Hill as best I can. I am sure it can be done. My first 5 kilo reward will be a candle from Jo Malone. Expensive but a reminder. Then I will work on my 2nd goal - 10 kilos. This weight loss story will take up all of 2009 and maybe 2010 but if I can see each month the scales going down on a regular consistent pattern then I am doing all right. Obviously there comes a time in a girls life where after some weight loss I may have to address that I am doing WW but for now I dont think anyone really needs to know. Tania and Karen will know of course but they understand my weight issues and self confident issues and they are major supporters and like me they struggle with their weight. I am inspired tonight to go home and plan my meals. By the way CORE does give me more energy and for those sugar heads, like me, increase that protein as I really dont have sugar cravings at all. My fingers, toes and everything else is crossed for Wednesday and the new program is going to be great. The power of positive thinking is good and each day I am going to remind myself of the good things I have done that day with regard to weight or whatever. If we feel positive then positive things happen.

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