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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's thoughts

Well I have been so good and I am hoping the scales are going to reflect my good work. The knee is still a shocker with my foot and inner calf now purple so I doubt whether I will be doing anything physical activiity in the next week. I do weigh myself at home as I find that encourages me when there is a loss and inspires me to work harder if i think I am having a gain. I do have doubts about my scales at home whether they are still working correctly. Anyway I have drinks tonight after work and going to try and behave and make sure that I sit on a drink or two. The new WW material is going to be handed out at my meeting on Wednesday so I am excited about that and am hoping it is good. I am really inspired to try and lose weight over Christmas - that in itself would be an achievement. I am starting to feel quite good about my thoughts and really we just need to be "in the zone". I firmly believe we can do anything if we believe we can. I think the food program is easy to do if your head is in the right place - I think mine is. I would like to think that this time next year that I have made huge differences in my life and that my feet (my weak part of my body) is no longer aching. Enough of me for the moment.

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