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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photos that make you cringe !

I need to offload. All of us that are overweight do know we are overweight but when we see photos of ourselves it really sometimes comes as a shock. I have had a few photos taken of late which have me sitting down. Honest to god I look like I am about to explode and have been quite upset about them. I just have to realise that this is the very reason that I am starting this weight loss journey and it is all downhill for here ....that is, weight wise. I spoke to my WW buddie Karen and have my camera in my bag and am going to get her to take a head shot, shot front on, side ways and from the back and then hopefully every 10 kgs take another set. I am very very upset by these photos as I think that because I do take so much care in my appearance and ensure my hair and makeup are always perfect that somehow that takes away from the fat. My arms and stomach are my major areas of concern. I suppose I just have to think of that photo when I am going to eat something. I know I have support from the WW community, Karen and Tania and I know my darling girlfriends are fabulous and dont judge me but I am my own worse enemy. So I just have to work on the next 3 kilos to my 5 kilo mark which will be my Jo Malone candle. I have a dinner on Friday night but it looks like it will be Asian of some description which is ideal for WW and a few glasses of wine. Next Tuesday is my work show. I am going to weigh in at the city meeting at 8am and go to my work show that day at 1.15pm - it is at Sammys at the Glenelg Marina and is seafood so I am sure I can find a good choice. I really want to see myself the challenge of losing weight even if it is 100grams over Christmas. I have my weigh in tonight, the following Tuesday 23/12/08 and then Tuesday 30th (both these meetings I have to go to Tuesday instead of Wednesday due to the public holiday). SO I can do this and really I suppose need to prove to myself that I have it. I am a bit tired today and always feel on edge the day I weigh in but I suppose that will get easy when I know what type of routine I am going to have with the weight losses. Anyway I will post an entry tonight on my results. I have looked at Shazwomble's blog - that girl is amazing - she has gone from an overweight average woman to a stunner and has lost 55 kgs in the process - I am amazed and so often go to her blog to see the difference to remind myself of what can be achieved.

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