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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scared about tomorrow

Well I am a tad stressed. After dealing with my biopsy which thankfully is okay and sticking to my WW plan my scales havent moved. My rings are tight and despite drinking gallons of water it hasnt moved. I am hoping it is an issue with the battery. WW tomorrow night and I am going to be bitterly disappointed if I havent lost. I do think I need to remember to eat morning and afternoon tea as at my last meeting it was advised to not leave it too long between meals. I feel from my stomach that I have lost - you know you can tell when you have. Anyway stressing about it doesnt do any good and is a reminder that not every week is going to be a loss. Anyway I am sure that even if it is a loss of 100 grams I will be happy but somehow I dont think so. I will report in .

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