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Monday, December 8, 2008

First weigh in results and update

I weighed in last Wednesday - 3-12-08 and lost 1.8kgs with my period due and a few dinners on the agenda. I was pleased with that and found it easy. I think having your head in the right zone is the way to go. I find that I treat WW as a hobby - it is something I enjoy - even the tracking on line which I find is great for accountability and just damn easy. I am keeping this a bit of a secret from family and some friends purely as they will roll their eyes and say "not again" but this is something I am doing for me - I find that I need to do this and once and for all prove to myself I am capable of losing this damn weight. I am weighing in at home and last night was the same weight and even though the eating has been good I ensured today (Monday) that my fluid intake of water is exceptional and even now at 12.16pm I realise that I may well be retaining fluid. I must remember to carry water on the tram in the morning and night. Actually I find I have keep some of the things I learnt from my dietician going and in conjunction with ww core program so far so good. It is a long journey but I will have to address the issue with my family but want to wait until 20kgs are off - I will try and bluff them for as long as I can. I have to have a biopsy today so really could have ate and ate but restrained myself and am pleased I have done that. This week shouldnt be too bad for eating - have a Christmas party at Gill's on Saturday night so will eat dinner before going out and then try and avoid the nibbles and plan for a few glasses of wine. I must remember that being in the zone mentally is probably the No. 1 key for me. A lot of us know what to do to lose weight but mentally we have to be in the right spot. I am hoping that between now and Christmas that exercise is the next important thing but I am lucky the best dog in the world needs walking so I can kill 2 birds with one stone....Will report in at my 2nd weigh in on Wednesday.

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