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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fish Cakes - what a disaster

One of the things that I was planning to do this year was try a new recipe each fortnight (my pay period) or weekly if I feel inclined. Last night I saw a recipe on the WW site for quick and easy fish cakes. So brought my fish to make a 1/2 recipe so it serves 2 instead of 4. It was a disaster and had no flavour but will do an internet search to find an alternative. I do loving cooking so thought really I am trying to provide myself with good, flavour filled foods. Today I put the scales in the shed. I weighed in this morning and still unsure if the scales are wrong or I have gained and decided enough is enough and they have been removed to the shed. I even removed the battery. If I have stuck to the program, Simply Filling or Satisfaction plans, walked, drank my water and tracked it will result in a loss. I dont need the scales for that. Anyway, tonight is weigh in night. If I have gained so be it and I must move forward. I now have the house to myself and now back into my routine and ready to embrace 2009 with constant losses and a good loss next week. I am trying to eat out of my freezer at present and hopefully restock it with my Core/simply filling foods. I am planning to do 2 weeks of simply filling/core and then one week of just points but with simply filling. Doing points will allow me to have a few other foods, which I know I can have now, that aren't normally in my diet when on Core. I plan also to document and review the WW recipes or recipes I try - like DazyDee does on her website. Mainly because I love cooking and it allows me to fluff around with recipes and manipulating them other foods to make them my own and find what recipes for good for entertaining or just family meals. My goal for this week is:
  1. Ensure my water intake is adequate and make sure my 600ml bottle is carried everywhere;
  2. Ensure that even though I have a 3 dinners this week that I not let this upset me;
  3. No wine this week - well perhaps a couple of glasses on Thursday night with Jo;
  4. Start an exercise program with Vince - aka the world's BEST dog - ideally walking at 6am - DESPITE INSOMNIA;
  5. Not let my mother be an excuse to eat.
Anyway I think really I have coped over Christmas/New Year extremely well - not turning to food is probably a huge thing. I suppose my vision is this time next year to be heading towards goal. I dont have expectations of a time frame, constant losses are what is important. If you can follow the program and have a life, eat out and do all this without depriving yourself then you are on your way. I am not at the stage of being able to let everyone know I am dieting but Karen (my WW buddie), Tania and my boss know. I really want to be 20 kgs down before I tell anyone, if I am even ready at this point, somehow it is a personal journey and a personal challenge and not worried or have the need to tell everyone. I fully expect a gain but saying that I intend to ensure that next weigh in I have an excellent weight loss which will counteract any gain. My food intake has been good but I suppose the lack of routine, walks and water play a part and not enough tracking. I enjoy the tracking on-line and so plan to do this and post my weekly food next week.


Jo said...

Hi Martine,

I know what you mean about being disappointed especially when trying a new recipe. Funnily enough, I too cooked fish cakes the other day and they were yuk. These ones were actually to over flavoured with red curry paste....maybe we both need to find a good recipe!!


Martine said...

I will keep you posted. I am in the search for one and will be experimenting. What is the best blog of yours to watch re weight loss etc is it http://littlepiggysjourney.blogspot.com/

Its all about me said...

Keep trying those recipes Martine because I did find some horrible WW recipes before I found some FAB ones.

Jo said...

Hi Martine,

Yes that the right blog "Little Piggy" for my weight journey.. the others listed links on this blog are just family blogs.

Take care,

Jo xx