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Thursday, January 8, 2009

YES, YES, YES, AND YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to my WW meeting last night. Instead of going to my normal meeting, I decided to try one in the city around the corner from work with my WW buddie Karen. Our leader is away at present and we are unsure if she is coming back, I sincerely hope so as I do love her compassion, words of wisdom and overall way she handles a meeting in her quiet way. Anyway, as I posted yesterday I was sure I gained - why? because I did not track, drink enough water and exercise and I suppose was having an argument with my home scales, the lesson I learned this week is IGNORE my scales. Anyway, back to the point, I weighed in and lost 300 grams - this included Christmas, New Years, Holidays, Family Stresses and TTOM, so overall I was estatic. Most people told me "you never lose over Christmas", these are not WW people, but I proved to myself that it can be done - I did set myself a challenge that I would lose over Christmas and New Year AND I DID IT. I am going to reward myself with something special. I actually am very proud I did it. This week I am just focused on getting back in the routine, trying a new recipe and fluffing around with the program and trying to be organised as possible with my food. Exercise must happen, I really need to walk at 6am in the morning, a walking buddie would be fabulous but I suppose really it is up to me to get up, but I am not a morning person as I dont sleep but that isnt an excuse. Anyway, I feel quite positive today and a spring in my step. Somehow, I feel I am on the right path. I can honestly say when I am on the WW program that I dont feel at all deprived and it is quite easy really. It is really a good program that it is flexible in that most foods are able to be eaten, allocated with our points or simply filling foods. My one whinge is that WW are not promoting the Simply Filling technique with the 21 additonal points - the old CORE program. For the life of me I dont understand but at least the E-Tools allows me to do it. I am going to write an email to WW and ask them why. When I mentioned that I was doing simply filling foods (old core) my leader last night kept saying as long as your within your allocated daily points- THAT IS NOT THE CASE, you only need to allocate those extra 21 points. Anyway all in bloggerland, I am a happy camper and feeling positive that if I do the right things them at next week's meeting I will record a good loss. We all must remember that we shouldnt put too much pressure on ourselves to lose a certain amount of weight a week. Any loss even 100 grams is good, we should also look at what we have done that week and acknowledged that even though sometimes the scales dont reflect what we have done, we have done the right things. Anyway - I am sure that next week I will record a good loss. I have decided that when I get to 5kgs down I will buy a bottle of Vera Wang perfume. I believe it is important to reward yourself along the way. 5kgs is a good amount and just shy of a stone which is why I chose this amount. Can I say................I am a superstar, after all if we don't love ourselves who will !!!


Jo said...

Woohoo - way to go Martine!!

You are right, you know? A loss is a loss as long as it has a little negative sign before it! Trust me I click my trotters together even if it's just -0.1kgs!! lol!!

Have a great week,

Jo xx

Martine said...
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Nicky said...

Yes you are a superstar!!

Well done on your loss, you are going great guns :)