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Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend update and decisions have been made

Well here we are again and it is Monday already. I am pleased to report that my weekend was great food wise and I suppose with each passing week it gets easier. On Saturday night I made a curry which was delicious and instead to doing it from scratch like I normally do I used the Patak's paste and found it was only around 2.5 points for the paste and very nice so will be adding this to my meals on a regular basis. I believe very much in the power of positive thinking and as my mother says "being the master of your own destiny" I have a good friend - well he is more than a friend and has been for 13 years but obviously commitment phobic. We get on very well but I need more and have decided if I am to have the best life possible then I need to cut the ties with him. This is going to be difficult and emotional but really if I am to meet my soul mate hanging around with Michael is not the answer. Now I am feeling confident with my professional life, private life and well on the way with WW and enjoying every moment of it I think I need to do this. How funny, 6 months ago I just wouldnt have been able to do it but I think because I am in the zone with WW and happy with how I am going, I am now ready. This week I just plan to keep going the way I have been and using my tracker and being perfectly honest with it. I dearly hope for a good weight loss on Wednesday.


* said...

Oh wow that is a huge decision. Good for you on putting yourself first!!!

Nicky xx

Martine said...

I know - ate two mars bars last night but think I need to do it. I need commitment. Martine

Tania said...

Tough decision Martine but I think it's the right one. The whole time i've known you, Michael has been in your life - it's time to focus on what you want for the future.