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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weigh in Day

Well after my slight hiccup the other night I am back into the groove well and truly. The difference is although one bad meal, I did not have the attitude of "well I have done it now, I may as well eat". So it was just the one meal and I got back into my program - that in itself is a vast improvement. I have discovered Patak's Indian Pastes (not the sauce) are pretty low in points and are around 2.5 points. As an Indian fanatic it is good to have a few options I can cook at home and freeze. My Rogan Josh is core friendly and if I feel like a different option I now have the Patak's sauce. I think it is important that I make my food interesting and enjoyable. My breakfast and lunches are pretty standard and so my evening meal is the meal I enjoy the most. Tonight is weigh in night - I am hoping to find out whether my leader Jean is staying, I truly hope so as I enjoy her meetings and find that what she says makes sense and takes an avid interest in how we go. My diet buddy cant go for the next two weeks so I will go to my normal meeting this week and perhaps the city meeting next week - after all it is around the corner from work. I will report in how I am go with my weigh in tomorrow.

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Tania said...

I already know how you went :-) Congratulations!

And I so want your recipe for Logan Josh, a love of Indian food is just another of the things we have in common ... lol