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Friday, February 6, 2009

My ramblings

Not alot happening. With the food front it hasnt been a good day yesterday, I am unsure as to why really so really need to get myself into gear today. It is very hot but I am going to walk to the Workers Compensation Tribunal at lunch to file some documents rather than posting them. My hairdresser wants me to join her gym and she has a trainer a few times a week and come along with her. It is food for thought but it just gets down to money. Another idea was to join Fernwood in the city and I could go during lunch or straight from work. I need to evaluate how I am going with exercise, would I stick to it. Obviously for me the ideal option is going with someone. Anyway, the food is sorted out reasonably well. Of course I have a few hiccups but after all I still have a long way t o go to get myself totally out of my bad habits. Exercise is really the next thing I need to work on, I know the benefits are immense and not only from the weight loss point of view. I would love a devoted exercise partner to go along with - so maybe my hairdresser's option is the way to go. Anyway, i will think about it. On the WW grapeview today is Shazzywomble's training assessment - I am sending her positive vibes and Tina advises me her leader's husband is undergoing training as well. A male perspective would be good I think. The ideal leader is someone that understands but is supportive at the same time. Luckily this weekend is quiet. I am cooking dinner for my my brother Matt, Sister In Law Beth and my 3 angels Angus, Oliver and Jess - so Saturday night should be alot of fun. I will report in later on.

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Tania said...

Oh hope you're having a fabulous night with those gorgeous kids!

I agree with the exercise thing - i'm lucky that I have Michael doing the daily exercise with me while watching Biggest Loser and have Tracy going to aqua aerobics with me too. It really does help.

I so want to go back to Fernwood too, and i'm determined to make it my reward for getting to double digits!