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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold star for Martine !!!

By golly gee, you can just never tell how you are going to go on those scales. Went home after work last night and changed and weighed myself and thought realistically I may lose 300 grams and I would be happy with that, considering the Schnitzel episode on Saturday and TOM due. I get on those scales at WW and pray to the goddess that controls those scales and golly gee I lost 800 grams and I couldn't be happier. It isn't really the amount but when you put effort into the week (even with a slip up or two) you feel like you should be rewarded for embracing all things WW and walking at 6am which is you will note I have put in bold because I am proud of myself for doing that. I am happy to say that all things leader wise are going great guns, I seem to be in a good spot with her and I need to have a good relationship with her, basically because it is 18 to 24 month road ahead to get to goal. On the Weight Watchers site there is a link to me (http://www.weightwatchers.com.au/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=42871) which goes on about blogs. That is a huge thing for me to have that out there. I went on the Wok In A Box site and nearly had a seizure when I realised the amount of kilojoules in my PUD THAI (which you will note they insist on calling it Pud Thai instead of the proper term of Pad Thai). Anyway, wont be having them too regularly - 11 points for a small serve - honestly that is madness. Well, this week I dont have alot on socially but have dinner and movies tomorrow night, luckily my friend Gill is very careful what she eats, that is why she is a size 10-12, so we are going to Thai which is good as I enjoy that and a couple of glasses of Savingnon Blanc to finish it off. No choc tops at the movie for this girl. Last night's meeting was on the subject of being hungry, my walking partner and I often discuss the need to eat enough food as if you don't the scales somehow don't like it and I did query my concern that I didn't eat morning or afternoon tea purely as I am not hungry and don't want to eat if I don't have to as I would rather eat when I am hungry. My leader wasnt too fussed with that and I suppose as long as I am eating all my points etc then that is fine. I am tonight going to sit down and plan my meals for the fortnight, i find with my fortnightly pay that doing a shop fortnightly does save a huge amount of money. Hopefully I might try a few new recipes. Must dash. Stay happy.


Tina said...

Fantastic loss Martine. Well deserved after all your walking.

I had the same revelation about the Wok in a Box Pud Thai. I worked out about the same amount of points too which seems crazy. Very yummy though.

Enjoy your thai meal and your weekend.

* said...

Wooohoooo good for you... all that walking is working.

Have a great weekend!!

Nicky xx