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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gotta love those weekends

The weekend has come and gone. I had such big plans but didn't get too much done. A couple of dinners, one which was bad - I ordered a schnitzel as I hadn't had one for about 1 year and felt like one and must admit I did enjoy it. My period is due tomorrow so I am not expecting any great losses with my weight, if I stay the same I will be happy as long as I dont gain. I ate far too much carbs and skipped a few meals and I find the skipping meals as bad as falling off the food wagon. My water intake needs to be improved and I am trying to drink with meals and have planned water intake, for example with my three meals a day a couple of large glasses. Got up and walked with Libby this morning. I am really proud of myself considering I don't sleep well at all, it is a huge thing for me to be up and out the door at 6am. I must admit that I enjoy the walk and don't find it bad at all, it is good as the exercise is done for today. BUT saying that I am walking with a friend tonight just because I feel like it. I must admit that watching the biggest loser last night with the weight the contestants lost, especially my favourite Amanda losing 27kgs, trying to carry that around is hard and no wonder you have no energy. I am starting to realise that my chronic tiredness has to do with my weight and that with weight loss will come energy. Overall, I am really happy with how I am going, I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself and am happy that I am just consistently losing - for me it doesnt matter how much, just that I do lose. I feel that at the moment it is quiet easy, of course weekends are hard and I really need to plan for those. This week is pretty quiet and I want to just have a really good basic week. Tania in her blog was commenting on her sugar points. I am lucky I hardly have any as I find that anything slightly sugary just makes me crave sugar more, I keep my points for wine on the weekend and the occasional ice-cream, at the moment I am not missing chocolate that much. When I do crave chocolate I go to the McDonalds down the road from me and get a take away coffee and that satisfies me. The other day I walked down and walked back. I am giving myself time. I am running my own race and am lucky that I have a supportive leader who I have now bonded with and good WW buddies like Karen and Tania plus everyone in bloggerland. One of the things I have learnt from my leader is to gradually increase your exercise, at the moment I am happy with just walking. I will ultimately increase my speed and duration and them maybe towards the latter part of the year I might do some other activity. Anyway, I can feel my work pants getting loser, around the legs and my bum particularly. Of course, these aren't my bad body parts but I am sure my arms and stomach with show losses later on. Anyway, I am sure that this little WW adventure will be a long one, at present I am coasting along well. Alright my losses are a little under average but I am sure that in time and with motivation and visualising myself as a goddess that my weight loss will increase. I just have to think baby steps. Will report in tomorrow on my weight in.


Tina said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Though I had a little chuckle about your snitzel. We were talking about that at our meetings last week because a lady had gone out and had snitzel for her birthday. Well we were disgusted to find out that pun snitzels attract 40 points per serve!!!!!!!!
It's because they are deep fried and not drained so the oil just sits inside it. I was amazed!!

Good on you for still walking in the mornings. I am so not a morning person.

And yes, lets definitely organize to catch up for a coffee with Tania sometime.

Tina said...

oops that was meant to say pub snitzel not pun. Silly me.

* said...

Hey I think you are doing really well... so what if your losses are smaller than "average", it really is true that any loss is a good loss.

Keep up the good work I say!!!

Nicky xx

Martine said...

Thanks girls for taking time to comment on my blog.