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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More about the dating, less about WW

Just a quick post. I am now starting to feel eager about my one on one WW session at Myers. I think it is the right time for me and even told a few close girlfriends, who god bless them are so supportive. So between now and Friday I am not going to be good - not the right attitude I know. The online dating is going well, for a voluptous girl I am doing okay. Alright, the men are short and not my type but a few keen men which does my confidence more good than harm. I do take pride in my appearance and take care that my hair, nails, makeup and clothes are good, they seem to like that. One guy was very keen indeed and I did get some racy emails, unfortunately he doesnt rock my boat, or has the possibility of rocking my boat. They ALL have told me I am sexy - that is nice, whether or not that is true, it is nice to hear. I have been quite proud of myself in saying "thanks for the compliment" and it is nice that someone thinks enough to say it. Have two more dates. One tomorrow and one Friday -we will see. Anyway, must go. Martine <

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Julie said...

I am surprised I even got a couple of good ones interested. It's certainly boosting our egos!!

I have one who actually really likes me but I am being rocked by him... not sure what to do that about that.