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Friday, August 7, 2009

2.46pm on a Friday

Yayyyyyyy !!! It is 2.46pm on a Friday, not long to go till the weekend. The weather is fabulous outside and I am hoping that it continues that way so I can have a couple of good walks. My birthday is approaching, yes another !!! I have asked Josie (mum !!) to get me gift vouchers as I think that I might invest with my birthday money a IPOD as discussed previously. Last night did a long walk with Gill for 1 hr and 15 minutes, my left hip and groin area do incur a lot of pain towards the end so must go and see a physio to get it sorted. We have had 3 long walks this week so I am hoping that when I weigh in tonight that it will be good news. I haven't been bad but not fabulous so I think rightly so I may have a gain. I will be upset, of course we say we are not dictated by the scales but we are aren't we? If I am to get to goal and become a LTM of WW then I have to get to 71 kgs. This is doeable (is that a word??) and for the first time I can confidentially say that I think next year I will do that. Anyway, I am at work so I must get back and earn some money for my boss. Have a good weekend.


Chris H said...

Hi Chick, thanks for visiting my blog (and leaving a comment)... nice to meet you!

Julie said...

You need an ipod!I think everyone needs one.

Walking is good for the mind and body.

Have a good weekend ;)

Tania said...

Forget the "I think" you "will" do it Martine - and i'll be celebrating right there with you!

Penny said...

Hey Martine, you are doing so well. Don't worry about the scales tomorrow. Just do what you need to do. You are doing better than I am!

Love and best wishes, Penny