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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am struggling this week

Hi everyone. I am struggling this week for some unknown reason, more to the point my sleeping is appalling. As you may or may not be aware I have chronic insomnia, which is annoying and quite debilitating at times. This week is one of them, as I have been so tired I haven't been my organised self so have gone over points and picked at food. I am sure I may gain on Friday which is devastating but my own fault. A lesson to be learned I say. I have had a couple of really long walk this week, one again last night and one today so hopefully with superb eating I may be able to secure a small loss, somehow I think that is wishful thinking. I weigh in with Don tomorrow night so will chat to him about it all, I think the key is to have meals in the freezer for night, some cereal at work for breakfast (if I sleep in late) and some frozen minestrone soup for lunch if for any of those meals I just cant be bothered. The insomnia is like mid week going out till 3.30am and wake to go to work at 6.30am but doing that 7 days a week - it is shocking. That is why I am determined and am sure that I will get to goal and I am hoping that this helps with my lack of sleep. Some of it is habit and that my brain is in overdrive, I over think too much. Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom. Yesterday was a good eating day, and today will be the same as will tomorrow etc. Will report in tomorrow on my loss.


Vic said...

Hey babe...

Hmm have you tried reading Bob Harpers book?? Myself and a friend are reading it.. its fabulous talks about taking control of everything etc.

As for the insomnia have you seen a hyponotheropist?? just an idea :)

LellyJ said...

Good luck, Martine, for your weigh in. It must be tough having insomnia. I only have it occasionally and then only for a night, and that's bad enough. I have found that exercise in general helps me sleep better, though.

I agree with the organisation thing. For me my weight loss is more about being organised than will power or counting points etc. If I have planned and cooked healthy meals that I look forward to eating (I admit I love food!) and can fit in the odd glass of wine or treat, then weight watchers is easy. (Unfortunately, I am disorganised by nature, so it's still hard work!) I often cook up a couple of dishes on Sunday to take to work for lunches through the week--things like roast veg & couscous or frittatas, and I use the freezer heaps as well. I put a bit of effort in to making things I really like and there are heaps of great recipes out there, so then I don't feel deprived. I keep 6 packs of my favourite yogurts in the fridge at work and ww bars or similar in my desk for when a student incident stops me from getting to the staff room at recess. Ditto the cereal at work, although my desperation breakfast is an ALDI fit and active bar and a banana in the car!

When I do these things, as I say, I find following the program easy. When I'm busy and don't make time to plan, that's when it's hard.

What a long message. Hope it may have helped in some small way! Good luck!