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Saturday, August 29, 2009

High Fives all round !

Drum roll please............another 1kg down this week.
Well it is 1.30 in the morning, I have been awake for an hour and can't sleep. Today is my birthday - so happy birthday to me !!! So far so good and I am not emotional. People seem to think that I am anxious about it due to the age thing, that honestly doesn't worry me, it is more the point of looking back at the last 12 months and realising not much has happened.
But onto more happier things. Had Friday off work so Gill and I went out to lunch which was great. Had my weigh in with Don my leader and Sharon happened to be there (another leader I know who has lost a huge amount of weight). She is one of the blogs I follow - although not updated much now due to being a leader but is one of the girls on a facebook group that we email each other daily. Got to my weigh in and the normal questions were asked, as with Weight Watchers at their Lifestyle Centres which are growing more popular each day it is about you and then the weekly topic is discussed. I came to the realisation that I hadn't had any issues this week and was happy and confident to say it was another "perfect" week. Even if the scales are not kind, if you can look yourself in the mirror and say I have been good - then it shouldn't worry how much the scales say you weigh, it eventually catches up. So the last two weeks (for me) have been good losses and I am aware that this week I need to make sure that all things are done perfectly as I am prepared that next weigh in may be small and chances of a gain -after all our bodies are strange things at times.
Don and I discussed the whole mindset thing. I honestly never understood how people lost large amounts of weight. I understand the theory of reducing your food intake, drinking water, tracking and exercising but that is not enough - simply if your mind is not switched on then the weight loss switch at times doesn't work too well as you cave into things when you could say no. I now say no more often, do self-talk and tell everyone (well except family at this point in time) and understand how totally different it is when you are ready to do it and your mind is where it should be.
I suppose as well, I am not embarrassed to sing my own praises as I put 100% into getting myself 50 kilos lighter and it takes effort. The road can be as simple or as hard as I make it. I choose to say that I enjoy it, which I do - experiment with the food and reward myself for all those good things I do - that includes NSV's - non scale victories.
Today I brought a Napolean Perdis lip gloss as a reward for all my NSV's this week and my weight loss, it is a luxury item and for me a reward.
Last week I just a moment where I realised all I had to do was lose 10 lots of 5kg. I use 5kgs, as do most people, as my mini goals. Therefore I only have 10 mini goals to achive - I said to Don today - thats easy. WTF !!!! You know, this is the change in me the most, the focus and determination and as I said to Tania tonight - that I am proud and will sing my own praises because after all if I don't - who will.
On a happier not my jeans and 2 pair of work pants that go with my suits are now unable to be worn to work - they are simply too big which is great. I have had the search for reasonably priced jeans but can't find any that I like the leg and of course can't find my preferred bootleg jeans. Previously my clothes or more to the point - pants were brought a little baggier and now the loss I have had really has made them unwearable.
Anyway, the plan is today to enjoy the day whatever it brings with the promise to myself that next year I am in a happier and better spot both weight wise but emotionally and physically. I have a bunch of cards to open but will do that in the morning - some contain my vouchers for my IPOD.
Hope everyone is doing well - Martine xx


Jo said...

WOW mssss martine... WELL DONE and Happy Birthday too my sweet!!!

Have a great day and enjoy yourself and your successes!!

MWAH - Joxx

LellyJ said...

Happy Birthday, Martine! It made me so happy to read your post about how positive you are feeling. Well done on your NSV and your weight loss too.

On another note, I bought some comfortable, flattering boot leg jeans at Curves. They were only $69 dollars. Whenever I wear them, people seem to notice my weightloss even more. There is a photo of me wearing them on my blog. Just mentioning this in case it helps you in your quest for new jeans.

Kathiej said...

Happy birthday martine...Hope you have a lovely day
Fantastic about your loss too

Chris H said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya gorgeous Tart! Way to go on the loss...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Martine! Well done on the huge loss!!!!!