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Monday, August 31, 2009

I survived the birthday.

Well everyone, I survived the birthday without any tears which was good for me. The issues are being single not getting older ! Anyway, wasn't too bad with the eating but wasn't as excellent as I could have been. Probably a touch of the emotional eating but woke this morning and pulled myself together and did the self-talk and reminded myself of the options I had:-
  • Fat and miserable but can eat anything I want !
  • Thin and fabulous and mentally great with planned treats.
The answer is always the same, I would rather be thinner. Anyway, today the water intake is dismal so I am needing to act on that and will do the Fast Track for the rest of this week. I have boxed away 2 pairs of pants and a pair of jeans, so that is a good feeling. I just have to remember that I cant have a wardrobe of clothes whilst I am losing weight, a few items that will get flogged to death is probably the wisest option. As a treat, I had a few glasses of my favourite wine - Rockford Alicante and as I had been limiting my alcohol intake it was enjoyable and a real treat. So I am glad that I have really worked on this, although I was always able to say no to a glass of wine - now sometimes when I go out I just don't drink and would rather plan the wine on special occasions. This is a quick post, I needed to get my thoughts down. Although I am a bit dissapointed that I wasnt more in control on the weekend - more the snacking in between meals was the issue - this is all a learning curve isn't it. I just have to remember that special occasions like birthdays, Easter or Christmas is not an excuse to blow the diet.

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Chris H said...

I'm glad you didn't get too depressed about your birthday, and enjoyed a wine or 3. Good for you.