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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This week has been hard

Well this week is a hard one, I am not really sure why. I assume I am tired plus put my foot off the pedal a bit due to the birthday and it has been hard to get back into it. Plus my darling dog Vincenzo aka Vince isn't well and was at the vet's last night for 1.5 hours - so I want to emotionally eat if I could. Those damn apples are on my desk saying - "this is what you should be eating?" but it isn't what I want. To add insult to injury the people in the offices next to ours came in with a plate of cream cakes and bun - they had kitchener buns filled with cream and doused in sugar - I LOVE THEM. But I did say "As much as I would love them, No thank you I am on a diet" and so another non scale victory for me. But it has taken a lot of energy this week to try and keep honest and on track, but a lesson that is learned is that there are times when it is tough, you just have to remind yourself of what you want - for me this week a loss. I really need that weigh in on Friday to get me back on track but I just don't want a gain so have made a WW chocolate drink - 0.5 points instead. I will be happy with a 100 gram loss or stay the same, but I will go to my Weigh in as it keeps me honest. This weekend is going to be a quiet one, so hopefully the weather will be kind and I can have a bit of a long walk with Vince. Have a good day everyone.

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Vic said...

Hi Martine,

each day, meal and choice, one at a time. You will get there.