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Friday, September 4, 2009

That god it is weigh in day !

Well, all I can say is I have never been so relieved to go to a weigh-in in my life. This week has been really hard. My birthday celebrations just had me losing momentum and then Vincenzo the dog got sick. The positive is that I havent emotionally eaten and have done the "self talk" but probably have over eaten my points. The focus wasn't there this week. The week did have successful moment in it, like the not eating through Vinces' illness, turning down those cakes at work etc. I have made a decision and everyone will have a different point of view, I will go to my WI with Don tonight and chat to him, I have decided to use my no weigh pass because the week actually has been succesful and a real plus in that I overcome the emotional eating but probably overate my portions but if I gain on those scales my head with say "unsuccessful" when really I think I have been successful. I will explain to Don as I don't want the scales to be a sign of my success. I have proven in the past that I can face a gain but think this is good for me, plus my TOM is due next week which will inspire me to be even better. I will do fast track for next week. This weekend is pretty quiet and I plan on some walks and to christen the slow cooker. I am tired at present but if I don't eat enough vegies or fruit I find my energy level decreases - so note to Martine - eat those damn apples on your desk. This will be a long road to goal weight and changing my life around, but it is all a learning experience and I am sure that with each passing week the challenges of emotional eating etc will become easier. This week although hard has allowed me to sit back and realise that I have come a long way in a short time. Martine


Chris H said...

I have used the 'no weigh' pass a few times too... love it.
Have a great weekend mate.

Penny said...

Hi Martine,

It strikes me reading your blog that you are really in charge of what your head is saying. With some people they say things and you think maybe, or maybe they are just justifying it to themselves (having said that, I have not seen evidence of that in any blogs I read lately - yay you guys!). Without knowing you, I really feel that you are thinking things through logically and with a real understanding of your own journey. It's wonderful to see.

Well done!

Penny said...

Should also say, am aware of it because I am hoping this kind of understanding will set me free soon...

Trish said...

Well done on the NSV and think that you are a wise woman to know how you would react if the scales do not go your way.

Way to go!!!