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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fluffing around with blog designs !

I just realised that I have been sitting at the computer for an hour fluffing around with blog designs ! So I thought whilst I am around that I would arrange a quick post. Today was busy at work, my workload has dramatically picked up and with the end of the year approaching it is madness. So, after work tonight I was tired but had my gym clothes in the car and went to the gym, it was easy once I got there. Did 30 minutes on the cardio machines with me trying to increase the intensity next week and did 1/2 of my weights program, with this I think I am going to need to take it slowly - instead of 2 lots of 20 repetitions - basically I do each machine twice and 20 reps each, I have (as well as my gym friend) easing into it. Overall it has been a good day, I must admit to enjoying the feeling exercise gives me and no one can be more surprised than me. Ended up having fish for dinner, I must admit to having no appetite when I finish my workout. Vince the world's best dog keeps coming in to see me - I think that is a gentle hint it is time for a cuddle - that dog is so cute it is frightening. Isn't it funny how just purging my problems to my leader made all the diffence. I must admit to being proud of myself for just relaxing about it all, I think that our bodies will do what they want to do - all we have to do is track, eat right, drink our water, exercise. It is an interesting concept that the more exercise you do the more food you need - no doubt this will be a balance I need to sort out. Me being me, a fairly social person - has also getting a few people saying howdy to me at the gym, this is always good and now I don't feel so frightened.

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LellyJ said...

Hey Martine

I noticed you were fluffing around with web designs because last time I looked in was all red and green! Looks great! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your exercise. I was the same when I actually realised I enjoyed it to . . . all these years I thought the notion that you could enjoy exercise was some kind of sick joke made up by skinny people (sorry to any skinny people reading this). Good luck with it,