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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another 700 grams gone and it is all about balance

Well, as you know I set, or I should say my leader and I set a challenge about have 4 losses in a row. Once that is achieved then I can buy my vintage inspired Lorna Jane Gym Bag. So went to my weigh in at Myer and my WW and I had a great chat about balance, but more about that later. Got on the scales and had no idea how I was going to go as due to my obsession about organising the house I had done no exercise and there you go another 700 grams down. So pleased with that, half way through my challenge.
The beauty of the one on one meetings through WW at the Myer Centres is it is about you. I talked about the gym, which I love and adore, and not for the weight loss benefits but for the stress relief it provides and how it makes me feel when I am finished. What I found was a although I went to the gym, the house suffered. As I said to Di (My Leader) I need to find a balance where I can go to work, socialise, go to the gym and keep on top of things as after all even when I get to goal, the journey is not finished and I need to maintain for life. So this week there was little exercise but more organisation at home. I had comments from other people that read my blog and both personally, we seem to all suffer from this at some point. But with my insomnia I need to be organised so now the house is semi okay I can go to the gym from work, have dinner and do a bit of house work like my plan to do one room a night and have the balance.
Before I forget, those in Australia that read this and attend meetings. WW have changed the format, I think the new format isnt a success and so my leader has advised me, if people are not happy, it is critical that they complain. Remember everyone the power of the people. So please so yourself a favour and for all those other members out there and complain. We do forget that WW is a business after all but saying that they wont want people to leave the organisation. There was a survey after the meeting format was implemented and they have based it on that, but people being people they don't want to cause conflict for their leaders and thus conflicting views.
I thought I would raise the topic of support today? I do get support from my leader, she is firm but understanding but what is absolutely mindblowing the support from the online community. Other than blogs which I am now finding quite a few newbies from new sites I visit but also from my little WW Facebook group, which is full of women of all different ages that support each other, at times we have nothing in common except our battle to lose the bulge. These women are at various stages of their journey and so there is always someone that can help. I really suggest getting people together from your meetings and either starting up a group, get on facebook and chat or whatever it takes as what I found that support from the online community is such a wonderful thing.
This week I am back into the groove of exercise, I plan to implement my new organisational program of going to work and ideally getting off the tram early and walking into work, working, going to the gym after work, coming home and cooking a meal and sitting down and enjoying it and then a bit of speed cleaning each night -either one room a day or what I perceive needs to be done. Keep you posted. After all it is about Balance.
Last night saw me attend an aunt's 70th birthday with mum and dad. This is one for you. My aunt is my dad's aunty but they are the same age. Basically my great grandmother and my grandmother had babies at the same time (one my aunt and one my dad). It was great to catch up with the Dally clan and we always have good fun. One of my cousins (2nd etc) Kate who happens to be born on the same day as me was the only one to have enough guts to ask me why I wasn't married, I told her simply it hasn't happened and I am hoping that good things come to those who wait but saying that, this year is not about just weight but also about opening up the universe to good things and becoming the master of your destiny.
Australia Day we are having a catch up with friends, initally we were going to Hazelwood Park but have since decided to have it at a friends place, we are all bringing something and have a picnic style meal. I am making a WW Zucchini Slice and Rocket, Pear and Parmesan salad and know there will be chicken there, so I think I will be fine. I try not to drink during the week, although everyone will be sipping on the savignon blanc or Rose I will take my Perrier water and have that in my wine glass with lemon. Luckily, as much as I am foodie and wine buff I can say no to wine.
So, over all things are quitely going well. I think we should all remember to run our own race, just because one person is losing massive numbers on the scales, it doesn't have to be a competition. So girls, run your own race, if it takes a little longer then so be it and enjoy the journey, if you enjoy it I think we will be able to get to goal and then start the new mindset and lifestyle associated with keeping us at our goal weights.
New blogs coming this week.......one food, wine and entertaining associated and another is a magazine style blog where I will review and discuss everything (ie. the new brand of coffee out, current affairs or a discussion on how to raise confident children). Just trying to sort out catchy names. May have something like Miss Marty's guide to ...........etc. Any ideas most welcome.
Have a delightful day.


Tania said...

Well done on your loss - sounds like you've got a great day planned for tomorrow. I love your attitude, it's infectious, and you are so right about the decluttering and organisation, I find when i'm organised everything falls into place in my life.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I think you are right about the support. I know finding it on the blogging community was more than I anticipated. Good luck getting your vintage inspired bag!

Julie V. said...

700 grams...I would love to step on the scale and see that I've lost 700 of something!! I wish my scale had a metric system option, haha, talk about motivating!! Congratulations on that weight loss...you'll have that handbag before you know it!

Trish said...

Well done on your challenge. You seem to be in a very good head space the moment.

Each have our own journey to travel, but with the help and support of others, we can all succeed.

I can see the vintage bag with you very soon

I am attending my mother 70th birthday next week.

Have a great week