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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doing great !!

It is 3.30am on Wednesday morning and I cannot sleep, the story of my life so I thought I would give everyone an update. The cool change has hit Adelaide which is a such a relief and lots of rain, hopefully it will help green up my lawn.
Tuesday saw another good day as far as food, water, tracking and exercising goes - when friends struggle and they are chatting to me, my advice is always babysteps and to just focus on 1 day at a time, after a few days you are back in the groove of doing the right things. So far after my weigh in on Friday it has seen the days from Saturday to Tuesday (so far) as being perfect and I am pleased that the mojo which obviously went on holidays somewhere exotic has returned to me.
I am trying to vary my food intake around as a bit of advice from a WW leader a while ago who managed to lose 75 kgs told me to never have the same foods 2 days in a row and as I have been advised by the gym that your body gets used to the routine of exercise if you do the same thing, I am trying to vary the food, try new foods and recipes.
I brought late last year an A4 size 2010 diary - at night I print off my WW online tracker and write down my food, water and exercise and any notes I have, it will be interesting to see how this goes and my notes etc during the year.
Went to the gym last night, during the week it is easy. Nothing else much gets done around home on these nights other than dinner, the dishes and a bit of TV but I am sure that as the exercise levels improve as will my energy levels. Did my cardio program last night, as a rule normally I don't sweat much if at all, but when I do my designed cardio program I am dripping and my hair is quite damp. This is a good feeling as I know I am working hard. Adrian the manager of the personal trainers at my gym initally designed my program but I have become friendly with one of the younger trainers Jess who is such so wonderful that I actually emailed her boss, she was the trainer that spoke to me on my first solo day at the gym and has been in my corner ever since and considering I am a stranger. I talked to her about my program and how often I need to re-design it etc, she is going to see me every 6 weeks for a new program and 3 x 1/2 PT sessions, her rates are cheaper than some but I will need to cut back in other areas so I can do this. She redesigned the cardio and I am doing more intensity and 15 minutes more, I am a little nervous about the prospect of this but I am sure that with self talk I can push through the pain barrier. Last night I was exhausted by the end but did the program (old program) at the levels designed even though it was tough - that in itself is a sign that things are going great. So in 6 weeks I see the lovely Jess again and I am sure she will help lift my fitness level, we have talked about classes which is a terrifying thought but that will come.
The gym is busy with new members but what is absolutely bloody brilliant is that it is all sizes, last night I wasn't the largest member and there are lots of ages, sizes and fitness levels and it is good that this gym is about average people and not the beautiful ones.
Overall, I am very pleased with how I am going, yesterday my boss brought in some Haighs chocolate truffles (for those not familiar with these, they are the most divine thing god put on this earth), I turned them down and had my diet yoghurt and was happy with that. Isn't doing something like this a good feeling ? It does mean the mojo is back from vacation.
So far this has been a positive week, but in reality 1 week out of 52 weeks in the 2010 year - I need to ensure that my intial goal/challenge of 4 losses which is 1 month of good work is kept up.
As my reward for 4 losses in a row I am going to buy a new gym back - either Lorna Jane and ditch the back pack - I like things to look nice even if it is carrying stuff to the gym.
Anyway, off to bed again - Vince the wonderdog is fast asleep and I am about to wake him for a cuddle as he is just so damn cute.
Martine x


LellyJ said...

Wow Martine! Sounds like you are takking lots of steps in the right direction! Well done, you!

I do online as there isn't a lifestyle centre or suitable meeting in the country area where I live, so I had to give myself the "get serious" talk your leader gave you. I have been "kinda following the program" for too long. Time to get serious.

Sounds like you're really knuckling down and will see some great results soon!

Tania said...

Oh how dare vince sleep through when you're up in the middle of the night! Well done on the gym mate, it's a great feeling when you're sweating and your hair is wet, you know you're really making a difference to your body!