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Monday, January 11, 2010

Well all I can say it is hot !!!

Adelaide is undergoing a heatwave at present, not fun. We have had a lot of days over 40 degrees, it is shocking ! Hopefully the cool change will come tomorrow, the positive of this is that the water intake is high !
Well, Day 3 since my weigh in on Friday and all going good. It is funny how when my leader was gentle but tough with me about me joining previously and it was now time for me to make 2010 my year. I was a bit embarrassed (that is my personality type) but what I needed. I am just focused on doing the tracking my food within my points, water and exercise. I note when I go to the gym that I am sweating profusely when I do my cardio and know that I am pushing myself, I am hoping that within the next few weeks I can increase the intensity a bit. The gym was busy tonight, it will be interesting to see by June how many newbies are still there, I am just pleased I joined when it opened and have been there since the start.
Today's evening meal was an omlette as after the gym I am never really hungry but will go tomorrow for a 30 minute workout, it is the feeling you get when you finished that I like. I do feel self conscious a bit, I note some girls with great bodies and how far they push themselves, it made me realise today that exercise is just part of their lives and how they keep trim.
Overall, all going well. I am quite calm about this process, I think sometimes we get too carried away with it all, exercise and good eating habits have to be the norm and not something that you do to lose weight, it should be like cleaning your teeth - it is something you should do.
Well everyone, I am hoping the scales are kind this week, a good weight loss is what I need. With the increased exercise, I may need to tackle the balance of points and bonus points but at least there are a few people I know that are a bit experienced in this area (Tania and Kazz !!).
With a weight loss on Friday that makes 1 loss out of 4 so far. My goal was 4 losses in a row so I am hoping with a loss this Friday it makes me a quarter of the way to my goal. I must decide what to buy, I may buy an iphone device of some description.
Have a good day.

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Tania said...

Hasn't the weather been dreadful? I'm so glad that it's about to cool down for a while - well done on getting to the gym in this weather, i've been going too and have to admit it's the first time I haven't used the weather as an excuse!