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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year everyone !

After all the planning of Christmas, it has been and gone. I need to start from my last post of 22/12/09.
This is a photo taken of the world's best dog, my surrogate child Vince or formally known as Vincenzo Christopher Dally. If I had $10 for every cuddle this little guy got I would be rich.
23/12/09 saw my last day at work for the year. My lovely boss gave me a Chanel No 5 gift pack of bath foam and perfume, I was ecstatic as I adore that perfume but could never afford it, it nice to know I am appreciated and will use the perfume for special occasions. We finished work at 12pm and took a taxi down to Glenelg (a beachside suburb of Adelaide) and had our Christmas lunch with another solicitor at Sammy's at Holdfast Shores, we started off with some drinks and dips, and then had a fresh seafood platter with octopus, oysters, prawns and lobster and it was divine and very point friendly and had some lovely Sauvignon Blanc wine from New Zealand and finished up with coffee and a Cointreau drink on ice ( !). 24/12/09 saw me drive to Broken Hill for Christmas. I did pick up a friend of my mother's son and drove him up, Vince the wonderdog sat on the back seat and glared at me for 6.5 hours.
My mother cooked for Christmas like she was feeding a third world country, I had decided to enjoy the day with my family and get back on track. Broken Hill had a gastro epidemic and as a consequence 7 family members, including myself got sick, so Mum's Christmas lunch did not happen, we didn't end up eating till days later and at that stage we all felt a little sick still so a lot of the food went to waste, I stayed up at Broken Hill until 30/12/09 and drove home on 31/12/09. I had New Years Eve with a friend Michael and was going to have the "talk" about commitment and us but chickened out.
With my lung condition, one of the symptoms is lethargy, I suffered greatly from that in that I was tired a lot, the lack of vegetables in my diet over the Christmas period didn't help.
Before Christmas my leader asked me to think about what I want to achieve in 2010. I suppose I have set myself some REALISTIC goals in relation to the gym, it is my wish that by 31/12/10 that I am fitter and the gym is a sanctuary for me to go and unwind and a tool to enable the weight to come off, I suppose Kazz is an inspiration for a newbie at the gym to look at what she has achieved and learn from that, I suppose I would like to purchase a heart rate monitor as well to keep me focused on goals etc. Another resolution of types is to be in double figures by 31/12/10 which is 17 kilos and absolutely achievable, it is not use setting goals or resolutions that are not achievable.
I went back to work on 7/1/10 and to be honest glad to get back into the routine, I did not track once since my last weigh in and there were a few days that I ate too much and over ate, that needs to be addressed. The binge eating is a problem that needs to be addressed. Went to my WI last night and gained 1kg so pleased with that actually, considering I didn't track.
What was good was that my leader is honest and to the point, one of the positive things about the one on one approach and WW's Lifestyle Centres, with mine being in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. She advised me I had been to WW before - true and that this was the year I needed to get serious. She asked me before Christmas to think of what I wanted to achieve this year, I did think and the world CONSISTENCY was what I want to achieve, consistent losses, 500 grams a week would make me happy. After much discussion, we set a goal for me to aim for -4 losses in a row and need to work out what I am going to buy myself once that is achieved.
I woke today knowing there is now no excuses, I can stay 117 kgs or 71 kgs it depends on what I want, I think I just need to focus and do the self talk. It is unfortunate that my leader resigned, I was in a good spot with consistent losses but that is now done and it is no use me dwelling on that, what I want to achieve is 4 losses in a row from today. No excuses.
I have a wonderful wonderful group of girls that are a WW support group via facebook, some of them are total strangers but we support and encourage each other and more importantly we don't judge. This little group does make me realise I am not a lone soldier in this weight loss battle, it is universal. My biggest problem is that I am too hard on myself, partly my personality type, partly mother issues (which I need to address) re my weight. Baby Steps is what I must remember.
I am preparing a collage of things, like photos, a pair of long winter boots (I cant get them over my calves), food, my gym etc I am a going to use my friends, internet friends and anything I can obtain to help me make this year a year of weight loss.
I have a new iphone and am trying to put on audio books and some podcasts, if anyone listens to any good podcasts, please let me know as I want to listen to some whilst at the gym.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Martine! What a shame you got sick over Christmas :(

I love reading your blog so it was nice to see a long post from you. I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be your year and that you will kick those 17kg's out of the park!!!!

Tania said...

Glad to see an update mate! Isn't a New Year just the best time to refocus on what you want to achieve - i'm here to support you all the way but you know that already! Here's to a great result next Friday.

GaeChann said...

Great to hear from you Martine! You CAN do this if you REALLY and TRULY want to!
My "light-bulb" moment came when I was truthful enough to tell myself that I MADE ME FAT! No-one else but me was in control of what I decided to put into my mouth!
All the very best as you continue your WW journey to be the best you that you can be! Gae oxoxox

Trish said...

Hey Martine

Glad you are back. I find sometimes I need to take a little time out for myself to evaluate what I want to do as well. Consistency is a great goal.

Look forward to following your journey in 2010


Tina said...

The party is over Martine. That's the way I look at it. We had fun but there is a job to do.

And we can do it. I am excited about the amount of weight our little group is going to lose.

Look forward to catching up soon.

Chris H said...

Hi chick. Gorgeous wee dog... our Teddy stares at me all the time too.. and follows me around, even into the bathroom! He's a love.
2010...let's make it OUR year eh?