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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is this time of year difficult

Well the last few days my eating has been appalling, but today so far so good. Christmas is not an excuse to eat. Dinner out last night with my best mate at Salt at Glenelg, a lovely meal with fabulous wine - my favorite Rockford Alicante ! It is nice to go out with such lovely and supportive friends. My focus on the next few days is just to do what I am doing, tracking even if I am bad seems to work the best. Today is a pretty normal day, tomorrow is our work show at Sammy's at Holdfast shores and my boss orders a large seafood platter with fresh seafood - so points wise good and a few glasses of very good wine. Bliss. Thursday driving home and now have a passenger so I am not happy, I Vince the wonderdog and I usually listen to my audio books and that passes the time, now I have a virtual stranger who I don't know and have to entertain him but I have my supplies for the trip and my water and then only have Christmas day to go and the hard part is over. Anyway, not much to report but basically a lot of soul searching has been done about where I want to be this time next year, I am going to do a collage on a cork board of various things, like boots - I cant wear them because my calfs are too large, fitness photos, good food etc to inspire and motivate me.


Tania said...

Great idea regarding the collage Martine - something inspiring always at the ready to motivate.

What happened regarding the passenger? Obviously it wasn't your choice, but how did it come about? I'd imagine the trip would be a great time to focus on your thoughts but to do it with a stranger would be a little awkward!

Don't beat yourself up over what you've eaten, tomorrow's a new day and during this time of the year you need to live a little!

Chris H said...

My eating has been appalling too!
Your motivation board sounds like a good idea!

Tina said...

I think we are all in the same boat Martine. My eating has been bad too. I definitely need to refocuss and am hoping the new year will help that.

Have a great New Year and we will catch up soon.

Dentelle said...

Dunno what the answer to your question is, but I am just thankful that tomorrow is a whole new year. I can pretend that the past year of stuffing around doesn't count anymore LOL

Natalie said...

Hi Martine,

I remember you from the WW boards early last year. I don't follow them now (it got a bit much), but I enjoy following the blogs of fellow 'journeyers'! I blog, but not consistently!